1995 GMC Suburban 2500 LSE 5.7 from North America


Great vehicle


Engine oil cooler has failed twice; fortunately it happened at home.

The air conditioner does not work.

Mileage is great at 20 plus miles per gallon.

Considering it has the 4:10 posi rear end in it, it just floats down the road. I guess that it logical because it weighs in at 6200 pounds.

Great vehicle, the best Suburban ever. I have owned 8 different ones, and currently own 6. I also have a 2006 Suburban; the 1995 holds the road better, has far less problems and is cheaper to fix.

Great vehicle, should go 1,000,000 miles no problem.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2014

1st Feb 2014, 16:56

Legendary 5.7.

Your '95 will definitely outlast an '06. After '97 GM started using a "net build" system and plastic gaskets, so you'll have piston slap and a melted intake gasket down the line. Sometimes older is better.

1995 GMC Suburban K1500 SLT 350 from North America


Reliable, comfortable


Replaced exhaust at 100000 miles.

Replaced catalytic converter at 138000 miles.

Rebuilt front end at 135000 miles. Normal front end wear except had to replace one of the front wheel bearings.

Rear end whine between 40-50 mph. Took it to a shop and spent $800 but that did not fix it. Trying to get my money back.

General Comments:

Most comfortable vehicle that I have owned.

Powerful and smooth.

Gets 15 mph on highway, 12 mpg in town.

A/C and heater works great.

All accessories work great.

Cheap insurance.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2005

1995 GMC Suburban LST 454 CI or 7.4L from North America


Fantastic for large families (5+) and their luggage


Front brake pads (Organic) replaced, both calipers replaced and rotors turned at 20,000 miles.

Windshield washer motor control board repaired at 22,000 miles.

Drivers side seat mounting bracket replaced at 24,000 miles.

Alternator replaced at 25,000 miles.

Front brake pads (Semi-metallic) and new rotors at 40,000 miles.

Peeling white paint on top of doors and fenders repaired 47,000 miles.

Alternator and drive belt replaced at 52,000

Drivers side seat mounting bracket replace again at 53,000. New design this time!

Front brake pads (ceramic) and rotors turned, rear break shoes and drums turned at 65,000 miles.

Front leather bucket seats replaced at 70,000 miles.

Leaking coolant line coupler on rear of manifold replaced at 74,000.

Power Steering Booster replaced 81,000 miles.

Front brake pads (ceramic) and new rotors at 90,000 miles. I like my new mechanic (independent) and the Raybestos® ceramic pads and Raybestos® heavy duty rotors.

General Comments:

I really love this truck when taking long trips on vacations. Even the 12 MPG doesn't bother me with all of the room that my family and I enjoy. IT pulls our 27' Travel Trailer with ease. Despite the fact that the brakes on the 3/4 ton Suburban are about as good as those on most station wagons, I really love the truck. The best thing I did was to stop taking it to the GMC dealer for repairs. Third party components are superior to the original GM parts, especially brake pads and rotors. The rear brakes almost never get used because of a poor design. Most of my miles are city miles so my brake life won't be very high, but every 20,000 or is ridiculous. I looking forward to buying a newer model with 4 wheel disc brakes. My VIN begins with a "1" indicating it was made in either Wisconsin or Canada, can't remember which.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2003

1st Jan 2010, 01:05

I have been a GM tech for years and have owned over 20 Suburbans and over 10 Cadillacs in my life.

In 2002, when I went looking for a new truck, I considered the Suburban, but found they had shrunk in length and width. I was always comfortable in my 70's, 80's Suburbans. The problem was were most of them were 4 wheel drives, and with front leaf springs and bad roads, were not fun.

Then I bought a 1992 Suburban. I loved it, and the main problem living in Wisconsin was to watch it rot out with road salt. The doors were popping, rusting under the fender flares. I sold it and ended up buying a new 2002 Ford four door pick up. In 2004 bought a 2004 Ford four door pick up.

As I said, had Cadillacs too. In October of 2009 in Texas where I live now, I spotted my dream truck! I traded my Cadillac Allante convertible and some cash for this beautiful bright red k2500 Suburban 4x4, complete with a chrome winch bumper and 8,000 lb winch!

If I were to order this new in 99, it is exactly the way I would have ordered it! The outside is like new. The interior is like new. The leather seats are even in great condition!

I am like a kid on the toy store!!! Even has dual batteries, a $350 aircleaner and a chip for the computer!!!

The one surprise I was not ready for, because I have my dad's hitch set up for pulling a 35' trailer, was that this truck did not have the 5.7 350 I thought it did. I ran the VIN and found the engine is a 7.4 vortex big block!!!

As I said, I found my 10 year old dream truck. I was prepared to settle for a used Excursion. It is said the Excursion is 2' longer than the Suburban, and that is true for 2000 up Suburbans, but I parked may 99 next to an Excursion and it does not appear to be any longer.

I believe unless this truck gets stolen or totaled, it will be the last truck I will ever buy. I intend to enjoy one of the last big Suburbans ever made.