1994 GMC Van Vandura 2500 5.0 305 V8 from North America


Best commercial work truck


Nothing mechanically.

This was used as a work truck / construction van for years, so of course a bit of maintenance.

Brakes, tires, gas tank, windshield are not original, that's it.

I bought this van with 330 k on it, now it has over 360k and still runs like a champ, burns no oil.

I don't think this van will ever quit.

The Chevy 305 V-8 is a very good engine.

Rear door latch handle button is broken.

Door armrests are falling down.

Radio doesn't work.

All and just little things, this van is perfect for a small business owner, reliable and cheap to operate.

General Comments:

It's no secret, this is the best work van for a tradesman or small business. Many of my friends and coworkers have had these before, and recommended them highly. Just look around on any street, you will see some old beat up examples of the 77-95 GMC / Chevy vans still trooping along. They are the most popular work vans on the road, for a reason.

I bought the van for $850, because it was beat up, used as a work van for years, and had 330000k on it, which is a lot. But a year later, I've had no problems, no repairs other than oil changes, and the van has 360000k now. Amazing mechanics!

They are very reliable, low maintenance, easy to fix, and low purchase price. Gasoline can be a bit expensive, but keep in mind this is a full sized work van, not a 2 passenger commuter econobox.

The van comes with a 4.3 V-6, 5.0 V-8, and 5.7 V-8.

All the engines are pretty reliable and known to run past 400000 km, but I would say the Chevy 305 is the best balance of power and fuel economy.

My van still gets really good mileage in the city with stop and go driving, I would say about 10/100 km.

Another great thing about this van is safety.

I feel really safe in this van with all the bad drivers in their little imports with the plastic bumpers. This van is a beast, built solid with thick steel, real bumpers, and a real frame underneath.

I know if I ever get into an accident with one of those cheap new cars, I will be safe and sound without a scratch. It's a good feeling to have when you are commuting everyday with all the crazy drivers one the road. One less worry makes a difference in a long day of work.

Nice and easy to drive. I was worried about it being too big to drive in the city, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Rear wheel drive makes turning and steering easy, plus it's kind of fun to give it a bit of gas sometime, this thing can go when it's empty of cargo!

Excellent work van 5*****, highly recommended to anyone who needs a dependable work van. Better engine and drivetrain than anything Ford or Dodge has available, and no imports can do the work of this van. Really the best van in its class.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2010

3rd May 2011, 06:36

Great review... Just a note.

There is NO FRAME under the 73 to early 96 Chev/GMC full size vans. It is unitized construction.

This is actually a safer type of construction, and creates a very strong and stiff chassis design, while still allowing an absorption of the impact energy in a accident, which as you see, has stood the test of time on this model.

I had one which took a upright telephone pole right in through the passenger side siding door, crushed the roof and floor area into the van to about a foot from the drive shaft.

I was able to drive it home without problem.

The drivers side side panel was still straight as you looked down the side.

How's that for absorption of crash energy?

I fixed it with a used floor section about 3 feet wide, a complete roof and replacement sliding door, and drove it for years after.