2000 GMC Van from North America


Nice van... nice doesn't pay the repair bills though


Security light came on 84000 Kms. Air bag light came on same time. Van would mysteriously not start. My wife found if you left it in Neutral you could bypass the electrical problem and start it. Dealer says this was a parking switch problem and replaced at $350.00.

Van mysteriously looses fuel and other gages when brakes are applied, yet once you accelerate again everything lights back up...?

I am about to take it in and have it looked at, but I am confident that there are some serious electrical issues at play. Mechanically, the van has been performing well.

General Comments:

I am concerned about the electrical system, these types of things aren't easy to troubleshoot, and the dealers think that they need to spend your money finding their design flaws...where's the logic in that?!

Cup holders are a bit of a joke.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2005

2000 GMC Van (Value ) 3.4 Litre V6 from North America


If it lasts another 3 years without costing an extra $15000 it'll be a Miracle


Just finished a 3 year lease and dropped $15000 to close. That was three weeks ago.

The fuel pump just went and will cost another $700. Of course the warranty has expired and we're battling GM and the dealership to fix the piece of crap.

One week ago we had a break job done. Cost $400 because the mechanic found some 'hardened goo' and had to machine the rotors. He figured the dealership put it on so the car could sit longer on the lot.

General Comments:

This is a typical North American car. Not expected to last past the warranty.

Everyone knows it and we still buy the trash. The Japanese cars cost too much because THEY know it as well!

My last car (Ford Taurus) had chronic problems as well after 3 years.

At least one positive note: I love the split seats and the double doors.

Although the transmission sucks and I think the brakes will have chronic problems.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

23rd Jul 2004, 19:13

Next time don't take it to a dealer!!!

You can get new rotors for a fraction of that cost, also I would sell you a Fuel pump for under a hundred and install it for less than two hundred. Yor figures are INSANE!!!