2001 GMC Van LS from North America


Avoid this vehicle


Chevrolet Venture Minivan - Avoid it.

- rear window motors gone.

- transmission thunking (about to go).

- wipers broken.

- tie rods broke and were fixed under warranty.

- interior lights go on and off like a Christmas tree

- oil gasket broken and expensive to fix -leaks oil.

- heater system broke -repaired under warranty

- Front Fan position 2 broken.

- Plastic seat rivets popped off captain's chairs.

- Air conditioning failed.

General Comments:

Avoid the Chevrolet Venture minivan. It has a good price point, but is very unreliable. I will not buy another GM vehicle.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2008

2001 GMC Van XLE 5.7 litre from North America


A highly utilitarian vehicle that is good value


The water pump leaked at 3,000 km.

The intake manifold gasket is allowing some antifreeze to be lost - approximately 1 liter per 2 months. An additive recently suggested by the dealer has reduced this by half.

General Comments:

This is a reliable and sturdy vehicle that I use mostly for towing my travel trailer and some local running around. It has a massive interior space and will haul just about anything. It rides as comfortably as my previous vehicle, a 3/4 ton pick up.

It is very well behaved on the road when pulling my trailer as long as you keep pouring the fuel to it! The driving position is high with excellent forward visibility, but poor rearward visibility (you simply have to use and trust the mirrors). Do not get this vehicle without the rear air conditioning option if you plan to have passengers.

These large vans are not exactly the most popular private vehicles on the road, but they are cheap to buy and very rugged.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2004

25th Nov 2013, 15:21

Can't believe your dealer suggested an additive... that's a band-aid fix. The intake gasket is a common problem on those cars as your dealer damn well knows, and the gasket needs to be replaced or eventually your engine will need to be replaced. How irresponsible...