1995 GMC Yukon SLE 5.7 GAS from North America


Money well spent


Universal joints on Drive Shaft came lose, and had to be re tightened.

I had to replace the transmission due to a crack in the units housing (would no longer hold transmission fluid) but was completely at fault for the damage (gotta watch where and how you drive..)

Had to replace the front brake pads at 49000 miles.

Battery had to be replaced at 76,000 miles.

General Comments:

To date this is definitely the Best Vehicle that I have ever owned (and I've had several.

I purchased my Explorer new, and had only gotten to 36,000 before the headaches started, I spied the Yukon with just 28,000 miles, and almost 3 years later I could not be more pleased.

The Engine (or any of its components) has never given me any trouble, and gives plenty of power during takeoff.

The ride is very smooth and quiet and a heck of a lot more stable than my previous vehicle (less bounce).

My only complaint would be the cheap tupperware like products used on my dash panel (which is starting to rattle).

Overall, it's been a great vehicle. GM really did their thing as far as putting a reliable vehicle out there that would stand the test of time.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2004

1995 GMC Yukon LXE 5.7 liter from North America


For $30,000 original cost (1996), this is a piece of junk


At 13,000 miles, both front shocks fell off. At 17,000 and 65,000 (and now at 101,000) total transmission failure. This will be the fourth transmission in this truck which has never towed anything or been loaded with more than 1 or 2 people and few pieces of luggage.

Have replaced alternator three times.

General Comments:

It's a great truck to drive. Good power and comfortable. It has been a nightmare to own, however...not knowing when or where the transmission will quit.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2004

29th Jul 2004, 09:54

So the front shocks just unbolted themselves and fell off, impressive. The transmission used in this truck is the 4l60E, which is also used in the Corvette, Camaro, and Trans Am. To destroy three of these transmissions you have to be either pulling mobile homes or slamming the truck into park while it is in motion.

2nd Aug 2004, 14:17

I had a 1996 Yukon, the transmission failed at ~60,000 miles. The car was a 4X4 and had never towed anything. I work with two guys whose wives' 1996 Suburbans transmissions failed at around 60-80k miles. My 96 Yukon was delivered to me with 15 miles on it and it was a pile of junk the whole time I owned it. I have a 2000 Tahoe now and it has been on of the best vehicles I have ever owned. I will never buy another GMC product mainly because of the dealer I would have to use for service.

25th Apr 2005, 14:26

You have a 96' Yukon eh? well like he said, you have to either pull mobile homes or slam it in park while you're moving fot that kind of transmission to fail. Know you own a 00' Tahoe? Same darn thing as a Yukon and made by general motors! just slapped that bow-tie ion it instead of GMC. You've already bought a Yukon, only different label.

17th Dec 2006, 13:18

If any of you yukon haters have one with a decent body on it, I need one for a project $$??

1995 GMC Yukon SLT 5.7L from North America


This was an excellent buy used, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a full size SUV


Alternator gave out at 65000 miles, but this may have been due to the stereo system that I had installed in the vehicle.

Replaced front brakes/rotors numerous times. GMC/Chevrolet undersized the brakes this model year. You should really buy top line brakes and rotors if you live in a hilly area, or if you tow.

General Comments:

This truck has been awesome. Extremely comfortable and roomy, with plenty of room for my three kids.

Power is acceptable for a vehicle this size, but beware the nearly non-existent fuel economy. You don't want to commute in this vehicle.

Handles well for it's size. I live in the mountains, and drive it on mountain roads daily. Holds the curves remarkably for it's size and weight.

Disappointed in the factory speakers, especially the 4x10's in the rear of the vehicle. Very difficult to upgrade.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2003