2003 GMC Yukon 6.0 gas from North America


Thirsty but reliable


- Replaced the gauge cluster at 140,000 -- this is a known GM issue, but it was outside the free replacement period. There are plenty of businesses that replace the cluster gauges (just pull it out and mail it to them) at reasonable prices and with quick turnaround. I think our repair cost $80 and we had it back within the week.

- Replaced the A/C at 110,000.

General Comments:

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of GM vehicles and never have been. However, the Yukon has been a great vehicle. Most of the issues that we have had with it have been of the normal wear and tear variety.

Plenty of power, the AWD is great in the snow and ice, tires last a long time, and it's comfortable.

Basic maintenance items (fluids, brakes, filters, lights) are very easy to get to.

Rear seats are reasonably easy to fold down and/or remove.

We've averaged around 15-16 MPG in mixed driving. Although I would probably not buy another Yukon (for our purposes, a minivan would suit us better), I would highly recommend it to someone who is looking for a larger SUV.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2014

2003 GMC Yukon 6.0 from North America




Just had an oxygen sensor go out in the back. I would strongly recommend this to anyone, as there is no comparison in ride. We love traveling in it, and kids are comfortable and relaxed as they are watching their DVD.

Changed oil every 3,500, and still running strong at 168000. I use it to pull my boat, which is around 4,500 lbs, and pulled it through mountains in TN and NC with no problem.

I love it, and will buy another one when the time comes.


Jacksonville, FL.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2010

2003 GMC Yukon XL 5.7 from North America




Steering shaft replaced at 20,000 miles.

Error messages including Door Ajar, Service Air bag, Service 4wd. Spent $1000.00 dollars at 2 different GM dealers and 1 independent trying to get service air bag message off... still comes on!

Now the 4wd is shifting from 2wd to Auto 4wd on its own.

Recently had to replace ABS brake module, because the pump stayed on even after the ignition was turned off!

Professional Grade means you have to have a professional mechanic on call at all times.

My son has 2005 Tundra that has 250k on it, and not turned a screw. I know what I'm buying next time.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2010

2003 GMC Yukon XL from North America


Mechanical failure


Brakes, lights, horn, windows, oil leak, third row seat, heater, seats wearing bad, too many to list.

General Comments:

I love to drive it, super comfortable, mechanically undependable, dealership awful.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2005

19th Dec 2005, 16:22

I'm confused... You bought a two year old Yukon in 2005, and you are complaining about everything wearing out after less than one year of use? Was it already worn when you purchased it, or did the significant wear appear after you had taken ownership?

29th Jan 2006, 14:19

I have an 03 Denali XL. Bought it new and have 58000 miles on it. Was just told the front differential is bad and needs replacement. $1000 there. Also told the transmission either has a bad seal or a bad tranny. $1200 - $2600 for repairs.

Nice big vehicle, but after these issues, I'm going to trade it in for something that will last more than 3 years without having to dump $5000 into repairs that shouldn't be needed with this few miles.

Very disappointing.

2003 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0 from North America


The best of the best!


The dashboard had a very small rattle in it when driving on less than smooth roads. Took it to the dealer and it was fixed, no charge. An oil change and tire rotation was performed by them free of charge for my trouble.

I had trouble initializing the XM radio on this vehicle. For some reason the XM radio would not receive the initialization code to unlock all of the stations. After going round and round with XM radio, I took the truck back to my GMC dealer and they replaced the radio. Along with the trouble of having to go replace the radio, I also missed out on the 3 months free XM. My suggestion would be to have the dealer initialize the XM radio.

I have seen that the driver's side leather seat has started to wear a little. So I have become a little more diligent with leather care and seem to have slowed the problem down.

General Comments:

Other than the problems noted above this vehicle has been a joy to drive and own except for the gas mileage. I truly enjoy traveling in this vehicle and we put a lot of miles on it with family and hunting trips.

The kids keep entertained on both short and long trips with the DVD player, and I can listen to XM radio at the same time while they are wearing their headsets. Also, when they do get a little older, it looks like I can plug a video game into the DVD monitor.

At speed (read above 60 mph) the 6.0L engine has no problem pulling a fully loaded vehicle and trailer down the highway and through the hills. Passing and getting on the freeway are not a problem. But you can see that instant gas mpg is in the single digits, if not less than 5 mpg.

There are too many features to list and comment on, but I will say that I was talked into buying the Denali over the SLT. At first I was not too excited to spend the extra money on top of what it would cost for the '03 Yukon XL SLT. But now I would do it again. I just hope that as the vehicle has more miles added, it is not too expensive to maintain. Our '95 Yukon SLT has over 200,000 miles on it and I have not spent too much to maintain it. With all of the added features on the Denali, that may not be the case.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2005