1998 Holden Acclaim VT 3.8 from Australia and New Zealand


The car is a piece of rubbish


The heater stopped working, with a very good clue of a bad smell coming through the vents. The entire dash has to be removed at a cost of $1300.00.

The power steering has packed up twice with fluid leaking out. Luckily it was covered by a dealer warranty. A complete new kit was put in.

The speaker covers are broken on the drivers side.

The radio stopped working.

The ABS light keeps coming on.

The airbag light and annoying beeps stays on.

The rear wiper motor has stopped.

The electric window buttons in the back seat have stopped.

The brakes squeak and judder, even after being serviced.

The parcel flaps on the back of the front seats are broken.

The doors are unbelievably squeaky around the rubbers.

General Comments:

This car has had faults from the first day I bought it and will not be buying another holden ever again.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2007

9th Feb 2007, 21:30

I have to agree about this car and Holden cars in general. I had a '98 VT Executive as a company vehicle in '02, luckily for only a few months. It was bad enough then with only 79,000 k's on the clock, I'd hate to think what it's like now. I can't believe so many people buy these cars 2nd hand with their own hard-earned money. They should be used as company vehicles only and once they've hit 100,000 k's they should be recycled as scrap metal.

1998 Holden Acclaim Wagon 3.8 from Australia and New Zealand


It's a beast


My steering became very heavy. Fluid is at the right level. It's like driving a tank!

General Comments:

I have put a bigger exhaust on it, and it is a lot quicker. I'm also looking into a supercharger.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2006

1998 Holden Acclaim VT 3.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Very Reliable


Traction Control light comes on a lot of the time for no apparent reason.

Since a car service 800kms ago with the Holden dealer, The Traction Control light, ABS light, Airbag, Engine light and the electrical light illuminate whilst driving.

The holden dealer diagnosed the problem to be a fault with the Front right wheel hub ABS sensor.

This was replaced with two second hand units (separate installations) from a car wrecker, and having the computer reset at the Holden dealer.

The problem is still on going. Can any body solve this problem?

General Comments:

The Commodore is a very stable car, even had the back wheels adjusted to stop tyre wear.

Just want to fix this niggle with the electrics!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004

20th Mar 2005, 00:08

Had similar problem, it is the ABS unit it self.

A a simple test, disconnect the ABS connection at the front of unit, and most lights will go off (execept ABS, Traction and Low)

1998 Holden Acclaim VT series 1 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


A good daily driver


My current car is a Series 1 VT Commodore Acclaim.

I'm concerned about some strange noises coming from the drive line and the front windows, which I suspect may become a future problem.

The windows clatter when driving over bumps, and I have been told that it may be worn rubber seats??

The gear box or diff makes a loud, metallic clunk when gears are selected and I've noticed that other similar Vt's don't do this.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

General Comments:

The car is very smooth and comfy, but the under powered engine struggles to haul the cumbersome VT body.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2003

1998 Holden Acclaim VT 3.8L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Power + Safety + Styling = Great Buy


Power Steering Pump, Charge Wire + Alternator have been changed, Doors seem to be falling on an angle, Driver seat rocks, Really bad Fuel Economy.

General Comments:

Although limited to approx 400 per tank, the performance with Genie Extractors full 2 1/2" Mandrel bent exhaust and sports filter is greatly noticed. Not sure if Cam + Chip and Cold Air Intake will make a huge difference.

All in all cannot complain, for a 6 six with nice styling and added safety features it is a great car.

I will definitely purchase another Holden again.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2002

1998 Holden Acclaim VT 3.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A typical big, cumbersome and poorly constructed Holden effort


Warped brake discs. Holden would not repair, claiming the car was fitted with non genuine brake pads.

Body rigidity has always been concerning. Some major underbody creaks and thumps which Holden service struggled to rectify. Doors move considerably in their frames. The car feels like it is going to disintegrate.

Loss of spark voltage in 2 cylinders.

Remote key has died.

Transmission/cruise control combination has been designed poorly. Car jumps gears (and harshly) at the first hint of a rise.

General Comments:

Vehicle was purchased from a Government auction and had several immediate faults apparent. Assuming Holden would cover them under the warranty was a mistake.

Notably, it was a battle to make warranty claims in the first 3 years, and now the warranty has expired, the problems stack up further.

The back seat was the draw card for my teenage kids - business class legroom and air vents. They are lucky they don't travel behind the wheel!

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Review Date: 18th October, 2001

26th Oct 2001, 00:43

I hear your problem, the major problem I see would have to be is that you bought it at a government auction. As I work for the government, we take those cars through hell and back, we don't warm them up, we thrash them when cold, I even had the opportunity to take it to defensive driving courses where they told me to speed to 100 kmh an hour, then stomp the brake, then I did a burn out, and worst of all everyone drove the car that you bought including the manager, and his wife, and his kids and his uncle who took it interstate for a drive. Government cars are crap, I know from first hand experience not to buy one.