1999 Holden Acclaim 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Well rounded performance, economy, comfort and safety


Power Steering Pumped Leaked, was replaced.

Front windows rub and squeak against the rubber seal.

When accelerating from low speeds (< 15 km/h), sometimes there is a clunk and a jerk from the drive line.

Front discs were warped, have been replaced.

Driver side rear door central locking and speaker no longer works - obviously a wiring problem.

Occasional fuel can be smelt on hot days.

General Comments:

I really like this car. I wouldn't say that is perfect, but meets my expectations.

No it's not a BMW or Mercedes, but also doesn't cost anywhere near them.

Great that it has dual front airbags, ABS and traction control.

Tows well.

Eats the kilometres on long trips.

Can handle 5 adults when it needs to.

Performance for public roads is more than adequate.

Fuel economy is good considering the size of the car.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2004

6th Apr 2006, 04:16

Good appraisal, I have only just bought my 1999 Acclaim and I am enjoying her all except the squeaking front door windows which you have identified. Did you resolve this problem?

1999 Holden Acclaim 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


For those who value quantity over quality


The transmission goes 'clunk' all the time and the car rolls backwards. Selecting reverse makes it sound like the transmission has fallen out. Fixed under warranty once, but still is horrible to use.

Driver's side door rattles and vibrates badly.

Airbag warning light goes on and off as it pleases. Dealer doesn't think there's a problem.

Fuel warning comes on when there's half a tank, but fails to work when nearly empty.

Rubber seal around fuel filler has fallen off.

Engine management computer gave up at 15,000 km. Fixed under warranty.

Occasionally develops a mysterious intermittent hesitation/misfire when under load, but leads, plugs, fine.

Power steering shudders at low speeds and makes a knocking sound (just started to happen)

General Comments:

For such a big car it feel like you're in the Bat Cave. Roof too low in the front.

V6 has bags of grunt down low, but coarse and unrewarding when revved.

Auto trans can't decide what gear it wants most of the time and thumps and bangs like a two year-old with an attitude problem.

Is surprisingly light on fuel if driven gently.

Build quality questionable.

Seats very uncomfortable on long trips.

All Commodores I have been in have a similar smell that I am beginning to dislike. (Except Commodore taxis - they smell like a mixture of vinyl, sweat and vomit)

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

1999 Holden Acclaim aclaim II 3.8 from Australia and New Zealand


In 2003, I would expect better from a manufacturer - my almost 20y old Honda with 210,000ks better


Water leaks - wet floor (flooded actually) after rains.

ABS light keeps coming on.

Engine Management light comes on.

Clunks/Bangs from gearbox/diff??.

Remote key-fob works erratically- now car won't even start - immobilizer now stuck on I believe - doors can only be manually opened.

Very thirsty - erratic fuel computer reading.

General Comments:

Cheap and nasty is the feeling I get when I drive the VT - and particularly at almost $40,000 with all the bells and whistle - very poor value.

Diabolical in the wet - particularly as the ABS fails just when you need it most.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2003

28th Feb 2006, 21:16

A friend had a VT Acclaim wagon, and I had a VX Commodore exec wagon. Both vehicles leaked water through the front door seals when it rained heavily. The Vx would saturate the front seats.

1999 Holden Acclaim VT II 3.8L from Australia and New Zealand


Solid family car


The Coolant needed replacing as soon as I brought it. A pre-purchase vehicle check picked this up.

Doesn't idle very well, but should be fixed at next service.

General Comments:

Good acceleration.

Very comfortable compared to last car. Has much more room and just better appointed.

Paint is more fussy on the cleaning.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2002