2002 Holden Acclaim VX Series II Wagon 3.8L ECOTEC- V6 from Australia and New Zealand


All in all a great family wagon, with power, safety, tonnes of room and luxury


Flat tyre on the day after purchase: (

General Comments:

The Commodore Acclaim VXII Wagon is an awesome family car, with luxuries, safety - including ABS, Airbags and Traction Control as well as a very reliable and powerful V6 engine.

The car also looks great, with a modern body shape making it appear slick and streamlined.

The car drives very well, cruise control being a nice feature to have for those long freeway trips to the coast and back. It is also more responsive than the VT commodore and apparently uses less petrol, as well as gear changes being smoother and more unnoticeable.

The trip computer provides information such as Estimated range left with current fuel load and Estimated time of arrival, when given the distance for the journey. An over-speed function is also included to save people with leadfoots some money.

Leg room, both for the driver, front and rear passengers is exceptional, however the car is over 5 metres long.

The seats are also comfortable and fine to sit in for long trips.

The CD player and radio system with automatic antenna is great, especially with the ergonomic audio steering wheel mounted controls.

The car comes standard with an alarm system and deadlocks to protect and increase the security of the car and valuables which may be contained within.

Fuel consumption is good, especially when considering the size of the car and engine.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2003

2002 Holden Acclaim 3.8 ECOTEC V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic family car which lacks safety


A CD has been jammed in the CD player.

The fabric on the seats collects too much dust and other material, which is too hard to get off.

General Comments:

Overall, our Acclaim Sedan has been a wonderful car. It has fantastic performance, handles well and is extremely reliable, although there is a slight concern over its safety. Even though the car is equipped with four airbags and two seatbelt pretensioners, it failed to gain more than three stars in crash tests. This has raised concerns for our family we and will now purchase a Renault for our next car.

Besides that, it has gotten us from A to B with no troubles and I think it's fair to say that the Acclaim is a car with great looks, performance, quality, a wide range of features and all at a great price.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2003