2004 Holden Acclaim VZ 3.6 multipoint V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap and cheerful motoring


The plastic strips along the doors are starting to crack.

Nothing else really, just a few small things.

General Comments:

I brought the Acclaim as the Clubbie I had previously was beginning to cost too much at the bowser.

The V6 has plenty of go, but the 4 speed auto is a major letdown; it's always hunting for the right gear, and overtaking is much more of an event than it needs to be. It doesn't really make a difference when in power mode or not. Power mode just makes shift points higher and more willing to kick down a gear.

The V6 isn't exactly refined either; it is extremely harsh on cold idle and vibration from idle shakes the car when sitting still. It sounds so similar to the ecotec you sometimes think you'r edriving an ecotec with an aftermarket cam. But it is very good on highway trips, with my best consumption figure of 7.4l/100kms; not to be sneezed at. Around town it creeps to 12-13ltrs.

Inside the quality is marginal, never awful but not Audi excellent. It was instantly familiar as it is the identical layout to my VY Clubsport.

It is a huge interior with plenty of head shoulder and leg room. I'm a big chap, so it's nice to fit with ease. The seats however I found to be a little bit hip hugging, and can get weary on long trips, however never uncomfortable.

The dash is laid out well. I do like the trip computer functions. Although the Acclaim has the basic trip computer, it still has everything you need.

I am a bit worried about the car's computer. It seems to think it is a Holden Adventra. The reason being some times when I put it in park, it flashes "hill decent control off".. Yes I know this. You aren't a 4WD.

Another worry is the more often than wanted flashing that the ABS has failed, but then it goes away. It does this when going from reverse to drive or visa versa. Holden has said it's nothing to worry about, and the brakes still work well, so I'm not going to take action just yet.

This being the acclaim it was the most advanced Australian car (at the time) in regards to safety. The Acclaim has dual front airbags like every other VZ, but with the addition of side impact airbags and an advanced ABS system including EBD and EBA. It also has ESP, which I've never had to rely on and never want to rely on. I do hope however that it actually works. Might flash up on the screen soon enough...

On the road the Commodore is quite a good handler. For some reason it was fitted with FE2 suspension at the factory, so ride quality is sacrificed to give better road holding. Which I'm happy to say it does handle much better than a standard FE1 setup.

Vision is alright; the A pillars are still huge even thought they are smaller than the VE. Rear vision is awful when reversing, however the Acclaim has reversing sensors, which do help a lot.

Overall it's a 40,000rrp car with all the features for your family. It is a decent car, but I will not want to be the owner when the odometer nears 100,000kms+. I say this as I have noticed things wearing already. But as an Acclaim with 40,000kms on it, I can't really complain.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2008

18th Nov 2009, 00:49

Seats are hip hugging, yet you came from a Clubsport, which would be worse right?