2005 Holden Astra AH CDXi 1.8 Ecotec from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent value for money, solid car


No problems at all, and I am telling the truth, couldn't be happier...

General Comments:

This car has been fantastic, originally purchased new from Holden, Breeze Blue CDXi Astra 1.8, 2005 Model...

This car is jam packed with features listed below...


Heated seats (good for winter).

Cruise control (easy to use, don't know what the fuss is about, people must be green or something).

Adjustable headlight beams via switch on dash.

7 speaker Blaupunkt sound system with 6 stacker in dash CD changer.. plenty of bass with equalizer..

Excellent heater and demister, air con brilliant in summer.

Solid construction, unlike some of its competitors..

8 airbags including curtain airbags...

Brilliant paint job; even after nearly 3 years it still looks like new, and has a very nice shine from the quality of the clear that's been applied in production...

Very comfy seats they mould over time with your body. Like all new seats they are going to be a bit stiff at first, but they need time and now they are brilliant...

We drove to Bordertown on the way to Adelaide on one tank, and back to Horsham on the same tank; never missed a beat, very comfy and plenty of power for over taking at high speed on the open road. Also feels safe and solid on the road; remarkable handling...

A lot of people bag the Astra, but I really do not have any idea why???

It may be that people just don't want to pay that little bit extra, but we did and we're glad we didn't decide to buy a cheaper Asian manufactured car that wouldn't have been anywhere near as safe and solid on safety as an Astra. Sure they are reliable, but that solid safe feeling just ain't there...

I suggest to anyone interested in an AH Astra that they take it for a decent test drive, just to see how nice they feel, then take a car from the opposition for a drive, and you know why the people that bought Astra's did buy them...

All cars have their problems, but if you look after your car well, and know its limits, it won't let you down. We have looked after our Astra and never had a problem...and it always turns heads..

Happy Astra owner...

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Review Date: 20th June, 2008

21st Dec 2008, 19:14

I am in the process of purchasing a 2005 CDXI (which has done 28000 km), and after reading your review I'm definitely at ease with the purchase I am about to make. Thanks for posting this :)

14th Jan 2009, 23:38

Hey that's great to hear, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed, just have the car serviced on its scheduled service intervals and look after the car, it won't let you down...

We have just hit 75,000km and the car is still going extremely well. I must admit I wish the 2005 model had the new 1.8 litre engine though, but who cares, with the sport button on she still has plenty of poke at take off from the lights..

We just completed a trip to Horsham and back around Christmas. She drove beautifully and was great on petrol, even with the air con going...

2005 Holden Astra Equipe 1.8 fuel injected from Australia and New Zealand


The Astra is a lemon


Every few months, the car develops a fault that causes the car to be dangerous to drive. The car will suddenly lose power, so you could be doing 80km p/hr and the car will suddenly drop back to 20km p/hr. The car has stalled several times while going around corners. I can get into the car and the engine just rev's really high, but the accelerator does not respond. Holden have had 6 attempts to fix this, and have failed every time.

Every Astra owner that I have spoken with have not been happy with the vehicle because of faults. I would not recommend buying an Astra to anyone.

General Comments:

Don't ever buy an Astra, they have too many faults.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2008

4th May 2010, 08:57

That's a shame; I would as mine is excellent...

21st Jun 2010, 06:06

But it's a Holden, how can it be bad?

(that was sarcasm)

24th Jun 2010, 06:03

They were lemons when they came out of the factory and they don't improve with age! I suffered a similar attitude from Holden.

4th May 2013, 22:55

Strange comment? All Holden did was add a Holden badge! The Astra is made in Germany by Opel.

As of 2013 you can buy an Astra (once again) in Australia, but now under the 'real' Opel brand.