2nd Jun 2002, 06:58

Hi, a solution to your brake dust problem is to change the brake pad to some EBC brand. Or if it is about cleaning the brake dust I suggest you apply brake dust cleaner before cleaning the wheel with normal car washing solution. It makes wiping off the brake dust a lot easier. When I first got the car new it generated lots of brake dust, but at the time of writing it got better.

Also if you are thinking of improving the power a little bit I suggest you change the rear muffler to some straight through type. I recently replaced it with magnaflow muffler and notice improvement in both mid and high rev range. It gives nice deep mean sound when revved and really quiet when on light throttle.

3rd Sep 2002, 23:20

I agree with everything said in the review.

Additionally I find the drivers seat also makes a rather annoying noise in certain positions.

I am also unhappy with the 'lumbar' support. It doesn't extend far enough and I find I slip into the seat accentuating my already bad posture.

I found the comments about the brake pads and noises interesting. My dealer said it was the same with 'all' alloys on new cars! I did have an initial problem with rust showing in the joins between the axle and the wheels, though this seems to have sorted itself out. When I am easing off the clutch in a slow reverse, the noise is quite annoying, but I don't usually receive it in forward gear. I use a long clutch and the change down from 3rd to 2nd can make an odd noise, but as I don't often make this gear change, it is difficult to reproduce.

Other than that the car is fine, even though some of the roads were I live make the back door rattle a bit and I had to replace some rubber feet on the first service. I think that the car now has settled down and it is not as noticeable as before.

5th Nov 2002, 04:29

This is an update for the comment that I wrote back on 28th May 2002, 07:52. My dealer had my rear brake caliper dampers replaced after having them checked out. BUT, the wait for the spare part was almost 2 months... anyway, since having the change made, the problem had been rectified. :) Also check out the HoldenByDesign bodykit. Looks really good. Get it if you can. It's worth every penny. (I don't get paid by them!)


If anyone wants to fit an alarm with remote start or a fairly sophisticated alarm to their car... DON'T. Underneath the dash, the structure is totally different from the run-of-the-mill Astra. Everything is covered-up and some wires are really difficult to get to. Apparently, there is only a hole smaller than the size of a fist, and requires the removal of the entire dash, which might effect the airbags. So, you have been warned.

PS: Does anyone know of a good place for mods in the South Brisbane (Mt. Gravatt) area?