1990 Holden Barina MF 1.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, well built engine, economical, cheap


Needs CV joints replaced.

General Comments:

My sister owned this car before me, and now I have taken ownership of it. It's a great little car, 18 years old when I got it and it still is brilliant. Accelerates quite well, gear changes are smooth, steers easily. Would recommend as a great first car for young drivers.

As far as comfort goes, Barinas aren't meant for comfort. It's just a simple car. It has a seat, radio/cassette player (which I have replaced with CD player) and windows that slide down. I'm quite happy with just that, but many people would expect more.

Great fuel economy may I add, and good performance for low fuel consumption and small engine.

My sister owned a Barina identical to the one I am talking about now before she bought this one. Her first Barina was involved in a car accident, rolling several times. It was towed home (a good kilometer) dragging along the ground on all four flat tyres. But the next day me and my brother started it up and had a good go at it, revving its guts out and speeding along in it (not on the road of course). It took a hell of a lot to break it. The doors wouldn't even rip off easily, not even hitting them against trees in reverse. Unfortunately though, we had to see it go. It was still working at this point quite well. I red-lined it for many seconds at a time in attempt to blow the motor up. Eventually I had to take out the oil and coolant to finally kill it. Very tough car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th May, 2008