1993 Holden Barina SB 1.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Runs well for a 13 year old car


At 150 000 kms my car started overheating, and stalling when overheated, and I was unable to start it until it had cooled down. I found out that it was the ignition module. Fixed the problem (fixed under warranty).

During the overheating stage, the little date/time/temperature thing started playing up. An auto mechanic said that they are all faulty and it just depends on when they go. Mine flashes constantly and the temperature doesn't work. However this is just a cosmetic on the car and I'm not in any hurry to fix it.

At 160 000 kms the water pump needed replacing (fixed under warranty).

At 180 000 kms the clutch cable snapped, which cost $200 (including towing)

At 201 000 kms, fixed sump gasket and tappet cover gasket leaks, $170.

At 201 000, got odometer fixed. About $170 including a mechanic taking out the module and taking it to get fixed.

At 203 000 I found out that the oil seal where my gear box is connected to the rest of the engine needs replacing. NOT CHEAP, about $350-400 to replace a $5 seal. : (

General Comments:

I bought my Barina at 137230 kms. I had seen it in the dealership and fell in love with it. Paid $6900 + on road + $585 for 5 year deluxe warranty. All up $7792.

I didn't get the car checked out by a mechanic until after I had bought it. Silly, but I just fell in love with its looks.

I have been very lucky with my car, however I have it serviced every 5000kms and bought the warranty in case I bought a lemon.

I have had an accident in it where a guy T boned me and spun my car around. I have found that it is a pretty sturdy car.

It has great handling around corners, I usually take my regular corners at larger intersections at about 50-60kms/hour.

It is a zippy car and parks easily.

Overall, I have put 70 000 kms on my car in 3 years, including many long distance trips (700 kms each way). Runs great on the open road.

I love my car and have had a lot of fun in it, but I think her time is nearly up.

I would recommend anyone who is looking at buying a 94 model now to try and get one with a warranty, but I think it is just because of the age rather than quality of the car.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2007