2010 Holden Barina 3 door hatch 1.6 ecotec from Australia and New Zealand


Great budget run around, and cheeky looks


I've owned it for 3 months. Nothing major apart from the squeaking/rattling from maybe the suspension, clutch or something when I turn the steering wheel and take off from stationery. It's slowly getting worse, and annoying me as it makes the car sound like it's 100 years old. At the first scheduled service, I'll make Holden aware of this.

I don't think my low fuel light works, as I've driven it to below the "E" on the fuel gauge, and still no light comes on.

Apart from these small things, I like the car, however it's not my beloved Alfa Romeo :-( (sold due new house purchase) Can't have everything I suppose.

General Comments:

Very impressed with the interior finish for a budget car. I drove all the sub $14000 cars, and the Barina was the nicest and kinda funkiest, although I do have to rev the engine quite hard to make it move. I guess I'm still in the Alfa ha ha.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2010

20th Dec 2010, 07:38

Well I'm up to 6000 km.

The squeaking/creaking that I previously mentioned has come back worse! It took a whole day for Holden dealer to diagnose that the bushes need replacing.

I will sell this car at warranty end.