31st Jul 2001, 00:27

I got my car back from Holden today after two days...

When I got in the car, I noticed the gear box light flashing. This indicates a gearbox fault...

Oh well, one more fault to add to the list.

15th Aug 2001, 05:13

I have just purchased the new Barina 2001 model (haven't picked it up yet) and I was quite alarmed at your comments. What new list of problems do your mechanic friends say they have?


22nd Jun 2002, 05:00

I think all people who have written in here need to look at how they treat their cars, lets be realistic It's a 4 cylinder not a V8. I own a 99 Barina SB I live in the outback, I travel distances of up to 250 kilometres each week, and I can sit on 140 kilometres per hour no problems. She hasn't missed a beat! Only problem I have had was the flares have faded a bit, but not to the point of white, this might be because I wash it each week and protect the bumpers with protectant. It all depends on what you put in to what you get out!

6th Aug 2002, 05:08

I have a 1998 Barina City 1.4l it has now reached 94000 km still on the tyres it came with its been a great car with great fuel economy. Hardly costs a thing to run and I have found Holden very helpful during the warranty period Michael.

16th Dec 2006, 20:03

A couple of weeks ago I got myself the Lambada model of the barina which is based on the 1997 1.4 city model. It is so good has Dual Airbag Package, Alloy Wheels, Power Steering, Radio Cassette with 6 Speakers and Sunroof. Only thing wrong with it is that the last owner wasn't the best with parking so there are marks on the Alloy Wheels. I drive it like a race car and it can handle it.

I have taken it to Holden for a check up and I am 19 and they gave me great service.

This model really drive like a dream shame that they only made 500 of them.

1st Mar 2007, 21:51

I bought a 1997 Barina City a week ago. After driving it for a while, the gearbox light flashes! And as noted by some reviews above, it becomes very noisy when in R gear!!!

Disappointing performance overall.

10th Oct 2008, 18:15

Hey guys, I'm about to buy a second hand Barina 2003 model XC SXI automatic. It has 110,000 ks. I just wanted some thoughts on whether you think it's a good buy. Are there a lot of problems with this model?

5th Jan 2011, 00:04

I have just bought a 1997 SB Barina 1.4 L, power steer, air, duel bags, in immaculate condition, 207,000+ on the clock.

I don't know what your all driving, but this "little" car is one of the best things to come out of the Holden designers, albeit the German branch!

I'm currently getting 4.5-5 L/100 highway cycle, and 8-9 L/100 city cycle.

Driving these cars like race cars is simply not done. They are a city car, and short hop tourer. You only get out of a car what you put in, and if you put the boot in all the time, you will end up with smelly feet!

Look after the little dear, and it will look after you!

15th Jun 2011, 15:12

We've had a 1997 Holden Barina with the 1.4 Opal engine for over a year now. Bought it with 90,000km on the clock. We paid just $3,200 and it looks, runs and drives great.

This has been a great little car. No problems. Just did the brakes and tires on it.

As other posters have noted, you need to run a light weight oil in this car, such as 10w30. Our Barina has been hesitating slightly, so I'm also thinking about changing the octane settings in it and running 95 or 98 octane.

Great little commuter car!