1988 Holden Berlina VT Commodore with FE2 pack Factory Ecotec V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Comfortable and easy to drive. The Commodores keep getting better


I have a 1998 VT Holden Berlina with factory FE2 suspension.

I have encountered the following problems:

The drivers door window rubber started to come out of the doorframe. The plastic runner is faulty I think. Don't do what I did and pull at it. It comes out easy enough, but try and get it back in. Eventually I pulled the door trim off and used silicone spray and or washing up liquid to ease it in.

The left hand power mirror won't go.

Several illumination bulbs have gone out in the dash. The Speed alert and half the climate control illumination Bulbs do not function.

The Horn fuse kept blowing and eventually shorted and melted the inside of the horn.

The ABS warning light sometimes comes on at random now, but not for a mechanic. (This cost me a speeding fine the first time it happened, as momentarily I didn't know if I should apply the brakes or coast down the hill I was cresting at the instant the light first went on. Then flash! you are on Speed Camera)

The ABS still seems to work, I have now found out, at least when the light is not on.

It chews juice like a V8 but only is a six. Average consumption 14.9 to 17 litres per 100klm round town. I am told this is excessive for this model.

The key head has failed twice. $75.00 thank you Mr Holden. You can't replace the key head battery like a Ford remote.

The factory alarm / immobiliser (Make sure the horn and alarm horn work) stopped an attempted theft. The alarm / central locking sometimes fails (not for a mechanic though)

The CD player has swallowed a CD a few times for no apparent reason.

The right rear passenger door speaker stopped working and had to be replaced.

I just discovered that I don't have a rear sway bar (I have known the car from new). I thought at least the FE2 pack (This is supposed to be the "S" "SS" suspension upgrade?) would have it as part of the kit. The VT2, VY, VX, VZ Berlina seem to have one as standard.

It gushes water from the rear boot lid base and trim into the boot when you open the rear lid after any rain.

The passenger foot well, right rear foot well and boot carpet get wet after a good rain shower or car wash. But not when the mechanic hoses it.

Apart from the bugs and gremlins (It is the 'experimental series 1' of course) it's not a bad car to drive. Mostly. (I assume you know the trip computer extra functions?)

General Comments:

All vehicles should have front and rear suspension anti-sway bars as standard.

The Commodore base models and Berlina don't seem to have rear parcel shelf speakers, which you would expect at this level, as well as the door speakers.

Good value, and a lot of car for money second hand.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2004

23rd Jan 2005, 03:51

That's funny. I too have a VT Berlina however it doesn't seem to be a lemon like yours. Bad luck.

29th Mar 2005, 22:24

"It gushes water from the rear boot lid base and trim into the boot when you open the rear lid after any rain." - This annoys me no end!! Silly Holden designers must have let the work-experience kid design the boot!!

My VT is second hand and I've had a few problems in the 6 months I've had it.

1) Power steering rack leaking madly - $550 replaced.

2) Fuel pump shorted out - $220 replaced.

3) Alternator shorted out - $450 replaced.

4) Idler pulley loose and rattling - $180 replaced.

And now the airbag light is sticking on *sigh*. Just never ends does it!

1988 Holden Berlina VL 3.0L Nissan 30 from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent race performance, high maintainance cost


The first week of having my VL. New tires, heater cuts in out and still does, grease and oil change and new reg. and warranty. wiper pump doesn't work.

125,000 kms reverse lights and horn fail, fixed horn, but reverse lights blow again (not fixed since)

250,000 motor leaks oil, next day motor over heats. Replaced with recondition motor. All fluids replaced ie. brakes, gearbox, motor, diff..

280,000 distributor freezes, replaced cost $435 including tow-age fee's. replaced tyres with Perrilli 17' 235x 60 all round.

290,000 noticed leak around window screen, leaks badly into drivers floor pan, windows taken out and refitted.

300,000 speed stops replaced.

338.000 Thermostat not working. Every now and then, motor won't turn over, but has power to all other electrics. Has to be jump started from another car.

338.010 2wks from start of trouble, car will not start at all, not even with start from jump.

General Comments:

Left wandering if it worth while fixing.

Yes when it is going, it goes very well. love driving it.

Good on petrol.

Has serious power, speed and excellent handling to boot!!

Roomy enough for the tall and 4 very active young boys.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2003

1988 Holden Berlina from Australia and New Zealand


Completely Stock Standard


When I brought the car I had to fix a leaking manifold.

Rear number plate light stopped working.

Air conditioning compressor is leaking fluid.

Heater isn't working properly.

General Comments:

This car is in seriously good condition - I bought it off a lady who had it since new and it also came with full service history. It goes as if just came out of the factory. It took me ages to find one in completely original condition because knowing VL's, most of them these days have been owned by P platers and have had their guts thrashed out. Every minute you wait, most VL's out there are getting thrashed and ending up as scrap metal.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002