1997 Holden Berlina VT 3.8lt from Australia and New Zealand


Things that have gone wrong with the car? Nothing! This car has been fantastic in every regard.

Previous car VR Berlina series II

136k - 170k. Problems? Ignition leads needed replacement as well as the battery. Other than that, that was a terrific car.

General Comments:

I will only ever buy Holden. I think that the new Fords are a good car, but I will be sticking with the mighty lion! Having owned a VR and VT Berlina I only have good things to say about these great cars. Reliability, Performance (for a V6), Safety, features etc all to high standards.

My family and friends have had Commodores over the years and they agree. Fantastic cars.

Bad things about Commodores?? OK resale. But what do you expect with the huge amounts of them on the road. Lets face it they are the most popular car on our roads. So the boys (and girls) at Holden must be doing something right.


Regards one very happy Commodore owner!

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Review Date: 31st July, 2004

5th Oct 2005, 22:10

I just bought a VL Calais 1988 Series II, and it has only done 123000 kilometres. I truly agree that Holdens are a very reliable car, and will always be for up coming years. They have great designs and also a long lasting engine. My VL Calais runs very smoothly, and I have not have any problems whatsoever.

31st Jul 2010, 22:11

I am so happy to hear these great reviews; to be honest, I am a Toyota girl at heart, but due to circumstance, bought a '97 Berlina SW, and although I love it, have heard some negative comments about them, such as fuel pumps go every 100,000KM, they tend to have a lot of problems due to the amount of sensors, and apparently they just have a lot going on that can break!

I would appreciate some more feedback on these things from anyone who may know the car better than I??


1997 Holden Berlina from Australia and New Zealand


Great car for the price


Power steering pump leak.

Plastic outside roof trims discolored.

Brake light bolb`s always blowing.

General Comments:

In general the Vt Berlina is a great car to drive.

The transmission or diff clunks between, 2nd, 3rd on change down, not to mention the whinny noise from a standing start from 1st and 2nd.

For the amount of kilometers the car has done it is hard to fault.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2004