1986 Holden Calais VL 3L turbo 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Definitely a rare find for the condition and price


Not too much at all actually, had a few problems with the factory alarm button (s)

Gearbox & clutch is on the way out, due to a lot of torture, but has held out really well considering.

Front passenger side power window is a little sticky.

General Comments:

I love VL Calais', I bought a Calais turbo 5speed about a month ago, it's my baby, interior is immaculate, small amount of rust around the front window seals, but other than that, clean as.

Very quick car, although needs a blow-off valve & inter-cooler, runs rather hot compared to my old VL (non-turbo) but that just goes without saying. Strongly recommend the VL Calais Turbo, good all-round car.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2002

1986 Holden Calais VL 3.0 Nissan inline six from Australia and New Zealand


Check for a service history!


Radiator/water pump replaced after overheating problems.

Crank angle sensor replaced after a hard start problem. Eventually this led to a no start problem.

Reconditioned auto fitted ($2000 and that's not including the $500 labour charge!)

Centre bearing replaced.

Alternator/regulator replaced.

General Comments:

The VL Commodore is a great car providing you take the time and money to maintain the vehicle. From experience, I have found that parts and overhauls are not cheap.

The particular area of concern is the cooling system - make sure you install a heavy duty 3 core radiator (your temp gauge will never go above half again!) Also, follow the specified filling procedure to avoid air-locks in the radiator which will eventually lead to expensive cracks in the head gasket.

Whilst my problems are not unusual for this car (and the Nissan Skyline) they should not have occurred at such low mileage (well maintained VLs have been known to travel anything up to 300,000kms without any major engine work). Quite simply, the previous owner failed to maintain the car. Therefore if you plan to buy a VL Commodore, check for a service history...

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Review Date: 13th February, 2001

4th Apr 2001, 07:11

I have a VL calais and it has done 108756 km, I have not had any problems yet. Personally I think they are the best cars ever built. Yes, even better than Ferrari.

17th Apr 2001, 01:46

After being interested in the VL Commodore and Nissan Skyline with the RB30 engine for many years, I would make the following comments:

1. The crank angle sensor is definitely a known problem, however never a predictable problem. My Skyline with 276000 kilometers on it has had no crank sensor problems.

2. The biggest thing that will kill these engines is bad maintenance of the cooling system. It is worth the money to have it serviced frequently, and if this is done, it will probably be the most reliable car you could own.

Finally, these engines with age and kilometers begin to tap, ie. the hydraulic lifters get noisy. Sometimes oil additives can help, but they are damn expensive to replace (the engine has 12 of them) - CW.

1986 Holden Calais VL 6 cylinder turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A nice looking car that goes well


It had been messed up a bit electricly with the cars wiring because the old alarm had not been taken out properly.

Apart from that it just needed a new timing belt changed and a tune.

General Comments:

I'm am definitely happy with this car I have bought. I have had people say to me they would never buy a turbo car. But I have had no problems so far, no oil leaks of any kind.

A great car that handles well with the power that you want at half the cost of running a V8 car.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2001

1986 Holden Calais VL RB30E, 3.0 EFI 6 cyl from Australia and New Zealand


Great looking, smooth cruiser with potential!


- Crank angle sensor.

- Throttle positioning switch.

- Ring gear.

A little sluggish at take off, especially the Calais due to the electrics and weight, but opens up at about 60KM/H and keeps on going.

Automatic transmission also a little dodgy at times.....

Fuel consumption is quite high (expected on a car this old), but an 18 year old doesn't really care.

General Comments:

I love the car! Body is immaculate and mechanically sound for its age of 15 years and mileage. Mods include 2.5 inch exhaust, extractors, K&N filter and lowered 2 inches and a big ass stereo (a must).

It cruises the streets very nicely, smooth and stable and is able to overtake, kicking back a gear quite well with ample power.

Able to pull in VN matched Falcons and Magnas in stock condition, great potential with transmission and driveline mods along with chipping and cam grinding etc.

Clocked a 0-100 time of 10 secs, 1/4 mile time of 18 secs. Add a turbo and intercooler and you'll be laughing, mostly at the people you pass at late night drags. Heaps of power here!

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Review Date: 15th December, 2000