1994 Holden Calais VR V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Costly to own and maintain


Transmission has been rebuilt 3 times (had been given a hard time before I bought it I believe). Major components failed that were only inspected and cleaned when rebuilt.




2x coils.

Ignition module.

Starter motor.

Fuel pump.

Water pump.


Steering rack.

Front struts.

Roof lining.

Window switches.

Power mirror switches.

General Comments:

This car goes well when running, roadside assistance is worth having; has been on the tow truck at least 7 times.

Reasonably powerful, comfortable on long trips, but has been one costly problem after another.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2012

1994 Holden Calais 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Would be an excellent car for a P plater


Windscreen wiper failed, in heavy rain on M4. Discovered that the motor was not bolted in using lock washers - hence the tendency to come loose!

Rear shocks started to leak.

Oxygen sensor failed.

Leaking rocker cover gaskets.

Aircon sun sensor "failed" - plug had come loose.

Boot release button just "exploded" into bits one day.

Boot release solenoid lever broke.

All red interior door lights failed due to the plastic bulb mounting just crumbling.

Headlining suddenly sagged one day.

Stabiliser bar bushes wore out.

Steering rack developed a "knock".

Transmission "grinds" when trying to hold onto highway speeds up hills - a quick kick down fixes it though.

General Comments:

Given its age it hasn't treated me too badly - I was only the second owner too.

Surprisingly enjoyable, and easy to drive and park.

Still has plenty of power when needed.

Excellent and economical highway cruising.

Vast boot.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2010

1994 Holden Calais VR 3.8 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


A very nice car to drive


Replaced exhaust system. Remove catalytic converter as it is not a requirement in NZ.

Recharged aircon.

Replaced water pump. Noisy bearings.

Replaced alternator bushes. Worn and had intermittent charging.

Replaced fuel pump. Failed without warning.

The cruise control has not worked properly since purchase. It will work on occasion so I believe it may be something to do with the ignition switch.

The front is prone to stone chipping and I have been through quite a few windscreens in the past 2 years too.

The climate control works well, although the heater could be better.

Leather has some cracking.

The boot developed a leak, which I have fixed with clear sealant around the tail lights.

General Comments:

I have had this car since July 07 and have almost done 100,000km at a rate of around 4000km per month.

In that time I have had very little trouble, considering the distance traveled in such a short time.

The car drives very smoothly and has good torque when brisk acceleration is required.

The trip computer is very accurate, and I would not be without one in any future car I may purchase.

I really enjoy driving this car each day, and will probably keep it for another 100,000km.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2009

1994 Holden Calais VR 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


I absolutely love this car I've had a few cars in my time and this is just a really good design


Needs a slight oil leak at the flywheel fixed.

Power Steering seems to make a dry noise sometimes when going really slow. If anybody knows what this is add a comment and let me know. I've got a feeling its the fluid pump.

General Comments:

OK, I purchased this car a few months ago when it had already done 249,000k's. I looked at many VR Commodores before I bought this one. Some with only 130,000k's and some with 170,000k's etc. I ended up choosing my one with 249,000k's for a couple of reasons that I will point out.

It is a one owner and has been serviced every 8 -10,000k's from the same dealer it was purchased at - Regular servicing is most important. These cars run so smooth that some people feel that they can skip services, but it will show with age. The car has not been in any accidents, and the auto has been reco'd around 200,000k's. The auto is the only problem the previous elderly owners had ever had on the car and they attended to it straight away as they weren't short of cash. The car has always been kept undercover all it's life and the paint is beautiful, there's no crap in all the small little nooks and crannies such as leaves etc... And last, but not least the lady owner was sad to see it go so I knew it had been loved.

Above all this I did get it thoroughly checked by my mechanic for peace of mind and it came out with flying colours.

My main point that brought me to write this is that you shouldn't necessarily be turned off by a car that has done more k's. ALL of the cars I drove before buying this had as low as 130'000k's and none of them came close to feeling as nice as my 255,000k calais to drive. Make sure you get a service history with your car and you're not buying it from some young idiot who's thrashed it coz its going to have problems. A one owner purchase from a more experienced driver who you know hasn't thrashed the car is definately a bonus.

My car is really nice and smooth, has plenty of power and is suprisingly economical if you don't give it too much stick.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2006

19th Oct 2006, 00:09

I too own a 1994 VR Calais, though mine is Series II. I bought mine from a Dealer Named Mike Hunts in Coopersplains QLD. It had 220,000kms on it and was VERY Tight. No noises anywhere the ride was smooth, yet it handled exceptionally well. The whole car is stock with perfect paint. I waxed it the other day and it showed how good this car had been taken care of. Though there are 2 problems that I have noticed. When I jab the gas, there is a clunking in the rear end.. maybe my Drive shaft or LSD. and when I slowly release the brake (Very slowly) it makes a small creak sound. That's about all. But for 220,000kms that is pretty darn good. Anyway if someone was looking for a luxury/sports car then this is it. A+ for Holden-on.

7th Aug 2007, 03:44

I previously owned two VR Calais, since then I have had two Mercedes a C280 and an E430. I covered over 150,000 km in both VR's with no problems at all and I looked forward to any long trips as it was such a pleasure to drive. I wrote off my last VR and rolled it 4 times doing over 80kph and got out with only a few minor scratches. Both VR's cost me nothing in maintenance while my most recent Mercedes has cost be nearly $30,000 in maintenance including a New gearbox after 100,000km. I have decided to go back to Holden and buy a Statesman.

1994 Holden Calais VR V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Very reliable piece of HOLDEN


Temperature gage sticks and works only if you hit the dash

Staling occurs and still cannot find the fault

Electric windows didn't work, but was easily fixed with new switches

Fuses keep blowing which can get annoying.

General Comments:

Very good car, doesn't require much attention just drive and enjoy. Every used car has its faults and luckily the Calais doesn't provide any dramatic headaches.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2004

1994 Holden Calais 5.0L V8 from Australia and New Zealand


A luxury car at a low basic price


It has been great car, I would totally recommend it to anyone.

General Comments:

Its very good, but squeaks around the dash.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003

1994 Holden Calais VR 5.0 Litre V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Because I can afford it!!!


Travelling to Auckland for the V8 Supercars at Pukekohe and the climate control failed. But has come right all of a sudden!!! That was in November.

Left rear window needs a bit of encouraging some times.

Replaced rear bulb - a massive $2.00 worth.

General Comments:

Uses 2 litres more than my VP 3.8 Berlina per 100 Kilometers, awesome.

Very quiet when travelling, no muffler noise until kickdown used, great for the kids in the back.

Sensotronic power steering.

Smooth transmission about 95% of the time.

Climate air - so far has not failed again.

Been to 220km/h 3 times with extra still there, by myself of course.

800ks for $65.00, not bad for a V8.

I have to beat the wife to the driver's seat, because she loves it. But I do the long trips of course.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2001