1998 Holden Calais VT HSV Enhanced 5.0L V8 195kW from Australia and New Zealand


Suffers from lousy build quality and poor componentry choices!


1. Engine "missed" for the 1st year of its life - traced to faulty electrical connector - eventually.

2. Power Steering pump seized at about 15000 km, then again at 45000, and was threatening to do the same at 100000. Very common on all VT and post-models - regardless of model.

3. Power Steering rack gave way at 20000km, and was clunking it's way to another failure at 100000km.

4. Auto transmission came to a grinding halt (literally) at about 50000km, and started slipping at about 90,000km - managed to nurse it to sale - sorry if you got it.

5. Differential began "clunking" at about 5000km, then whining at 80000km - getting worse till sale at 100000km - again sorry!

6. Brakes are the worst on any car I have owned. Replaced pads for some Bendix Ultimates at about 15000km, then new rotors at about 75000km - much improved after pad/rotor change.

7. Fuel injector "O" rings needed replacing at 20000km.

8. Tyres edges "scrub out" on these models like there's no tomorrow - very, very common problem on these cars.

9. More rattles and squeaks than a Fisher Price catalogue!

10. Suspension was the harshest I've experienced.

11. There's other stuff, but I've said enough!

General Comments:

Poor build quality. No up-rated componentry is used on these cars, yet they are sold as a performance variant.

Engine, once the electrical fault was found, was quite acceptable, and frugal on fuel.

Seats were great.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2003

26th Oct 2007, 03:47

I think he's a Ford supporter or a very hard driver??

14th Apr 2013, 03:22

Wow, the 4l60e doesn't just start slipping at under 100000km unless extreme abuse or lack of maintenance has occurred. Says something for the rest of your review.

26th Mar 2016, 23:36

I have one of these cars. Mine has done 315000 km and still going strong. Excellent car and heaps of power. Don't know what your review is going on about.