2000 Holden Calais VX 5.7 Gen 111 from Australia and New Zealand


Complete crap - worst car I have ever owned in 40 years of motoring


Serious vibrations throughout car at 50-80kms/hr.

Rattley engine noises.

Reverberations throughout the car from the exhaust system.

Big "clunking" noises from the differential when changing gear.

Automatic shifts severe -- big bang - not smooth.

Creaking doors.

Huge gas gobbling appetite - not matched by the performance.

General Comments:

Sold as a luxury car -- $54000 to put on the road -- consider the sale of this vehicle as a luxury car to be out and out fraud.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2001

9th Feb 2004, 14:27

I am surprised at your review of the VX Calais. I have just bought this car second hand and it is fantastic. I have yet to experience the issues that you are experiencing. Overall I think you may have been a little harsh on the vehicle or your car needs to be taken to a authorized Holden dealer to rectify the problems.