26th May 2001, 04:32

For the age and mileage of the engine, 100kw is great, in fact, a little too good to be true.

If the car is having trouble burning fuel, then maybe it is to do with the intake. You get what you pay for. Rither the car has no rego, or a dodge roadworthy was used to transfer ownership. Is your mechanic fully qualified? Or is he just simply your best mate with an opinion valued highly as the other two I have read. Take it to a mechanic with full qualifcations. Don't take it to a dealership, unless you are looking to have a 30,000km service. Take it somewhere who specialise in analysis.

15th Aug 2001, 23:58

What are you jokers on?

His engine is a RB30ET; this engine produces 150kW standard. They are an awesome engine with a massive amount of potential. 14 sec 1/4 mile times with exhaust, 10 PSI and cold air, 11-12 sec quarters with intercooler T04 turbo LSD 3.9s, 2 extra injectors properly tuned.

- Sin

16th Aug 2001, 07:04

The RB30ET is turbo.

They produced 150KW at the engine and pretty much on 100KW at the wheels so it is right.

The RB30E only produced 114KW.

24th Oct 2001, 21:03

I have a 87 VL Calais and I love my car.

I had a similar problem with mine with black smoke and it ran really rough. It didn't do this all the time, but now and then. It then got worse so I took it up to my local ABS Centre. After replacing the air flow sensor, etc finally found out it was the fuel pressure regulator. It's like a valve to keep the fuel pressure at right pressure. In my case it was stuffed and all over the place, one moment running too rich, the next too lean.

So this is possibly the case with yours. After I got mine replaced, it's been running like a gem, well really like a VL Calais... sweet.

3rd Nov 2002, 21:20

Hello, Craig Stubbings here.

Most of those guys don't know what they are on about.

I did a bit of work for a Holden dealer, and my best mate owns a 1986 Calais. It was blowing the black smoke and running VERY rich. We had to swap over the oxygen sensor, and now it runs great.

For more go fast DIY, e-mail me at craigstubbings@yahoo.com.au.

4th Feb 2003, 21:58

I had a vl calais that blew smoke for a few months and I kept putting off the inevitable service. However one day when I was cruising down the Hume Highway, Kelly (as I affectionately called her) decided it was time to blow up. I was lucky to escape alive.

5th Feb 2003, 22:41

Black smoke problem, try replacing your air regulator, it act's like a choke.

9th Feb 2005, 19:19

The Calais is an awesome car and should be looked after. But, you have to remember, these things are near 20 years old now, I suggest getting the entire engine re-built, because really mate, it is worth it. Head over to calaisturbo.com.au if you want to go through things one by one, as the blokes over there are really quite helpful.