1992 Holden Calibra 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Unreliable good looking car


Ignition module continually failed, replaced several times.

Power sunroof never seems to want to work.

Interior is not the best quality.

General Comments:

Although this is a top looking car, with a reasonable amount of power (Commodores are too quick for it though), it is the reliability which is a serious problem.

Parts are way too expensive, and the handling is good when not on the power, with power on, under-steer and torque steer is very annoying and can be plain dangerous.

On a number of times, putting full power on meant the car would suddenly dart off to one direction through no movement of the steering wheel.

This is a car that should be left to those who reallylove their Calibra's, as no one else could put up with this rubbish. Thankfully, I only owned the car for less than 4 months. If you're an owner, or planning to buy one, get out now, while you can.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2003

12th Oct 2003, 23:28

Totally agree, whilst it is a good looking car, the Calibra is a car that is nice to drive providing it is not driven too hard - front wheel drive and lots of power don't mix too well. More a cruiser than a sports car. Wouldn't recommend to anyone unless they were prepared to spend big on highly likely problems.

10th Oct 2008, 07:33

I've owned one for near 2 years and yes, it is very typical. Great when it is working, a nightmare when it isn't.

However, I don't think the under steer & torque steer you've reported is inherent. I think it might be worthing checking:

1. Tyres. Quality makes a huge difference.

2. Alignment & camber.

3. Shocks & springs.

11th Dec 2008, 03:16

I've owned my Calibra for 5 years, and unfortunately it has had many problems, such as the timing belt going not too long after I had it replaced (I had it replaced precisely because I was being careful). It also has a habit of randomly stopping and stalling when it wants to, a very temperamental car to live with.

1992 Holden Calibra YE 2L from Australia and New Zealand


Great looking car at an affordable price


- Power Steering rack needed changing

- ABS and orange light come on on the dash

- Cat converter needing changing

- Muffler needed changing

- Paint on the car fading even after cut and polish

- Cassette player not working

- Cracks on the dashboard

- Heater doesn't exactly 'heat'

General Comments:

This is my second car, it has great looks, great performance at a great price, however, it has been said this car is highly unreliable.

Parts are very expensive and hard to find. The cat converter cost me $220, the power steering rack was $440, and I got them cheap because my father owns a car wreckers.

The car is a comfortable drive, it had great suspension and really hugs the road. The seats in the car are too close to the gear knob and the leather around the gear knob is falling apart.

Opel/Holden should have spent more time and effort into a car that looks so good, and drives so good. If the little bits and pieces were more carefully designed than the car would have made the companies much more money and the demand for this car would be much greater.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2003

1992 Holden Calibra YE 2.0 16v from Australia and New Zealand


Good looking (almost like Peugeot 406 coupe), powerful, fast, strong car


Crank shaft angle sensor, air conditioning system, coolant temperature sensor, crack on dashboard.

General Comments:

First, EMS warning light came on, then check to an authorized dealer, crank shaft sensor broke down, dealer had to order, wait for 10 days to be repaired. Also air conditioning had to be retro-fitted with ozone friendly gas (since it was manufactured 10 years ago where ozone 'unfriendly' gas is OK). Coolant temperature sensor had to be replaced. And European cars' habit, cracks at the front part of dashboard near front demister. Repairable by sealing the cracks with fiberglass and resins + paint.

Overall, I spent around AU$600 to fix the car till it seems to be a new car again.

The handling is quite precise though the steering wheel is sensitive to road conditions, sporty suspension (not suitable for women), all electrics, fast.

One thing to have in mind though,... not all people in the world can drive this car... you've got to be a tall, long legged, long handed person... the seats are quite low, the pedals are quite far away, the steering wheel is like ordinary cars, but the gear knob is really close to you, so you've got to push your seat closer to pedals, but you must also adjust to have a comfortable position to change gears...

And, if a person seating on the front passenger seat, you'll find that your hand will sometimes touching his/her hand when you change gears.

But, don't worry... overall, it's really a great car.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2002

18th Sep 2002, 08:20

The comments provided by the author, were extremely helpful, as I am about to purchase a Calibra and found similar issues with most of the Calibra's that I have looked at.

Thankyou for informing me about the problems and issues regarding the car.


19th Nov 2002, 02:40

The comments on the Calibra Ye 1992 Model has encouraged me to buy one. I have found this car to be one of the most under rated sports cars for its price. I had to look around to find one in good condition, but a little perseverance payed off. I found a beautifully kept Calibra with a great running gear and am glad of the purchase.


31st May 2006, 05:23

Hi, I am a 21 year old female, a university student, studying Ambulance Paramedics. I recently bought a '92 Calibra. Prior to this I shared the driving of my partner's car - a 1994 BMW M3. I have found this car to be very similar in driving, and have no problems with the handling or seat positioning. It's not like I can't see over the steering wheel, and I can handle it fine especially on the windy country roads I learnt to drive on!

This car is my first, I'm very excited and impressed with all aspects of the car. However, I recognise a few of the issues others have discovered, such as cracks in the dashboard and idling strange at times. The fuel economy is fantastic, especially now that fuel is so expensive. I've been using fuel injection cleaner and it works a treat. The previous owner took great care of it, and cleaned up it looks like a new car. As with any car, treat it well and look after it and it will do the same for you..


1992 Holden Calibra YE 2.0 twin cam 16v petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Underrated and underpriced gem


Valves dropped causing a head gasket to blow.

Air conditioner compressor broke.

Alloy head went soft causing oil to seep into the water.

Crack in the block - new motor.

General Comments:

In all this car is fantastic. It performs well.

This car came from a dodgy dealer who has had to pay for all the repairs so far. Just look out as repairs can be expensive.

In all this would have to be the best value sports car around.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2000

19th Aug 2001, 13:04

Hello there, I just purchased a 1991 model, manual of course, I am just interested in the engine price? Can you post more info please :)