1988 Holden Camira SL 2.0 litre fuel injected from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, but rusty and old


Engine kept breaking down; cost $3500.

Petrol started leaking; cost $2000 to replace petrol tank and all hoses to the engine.

Seals are leaking, but we just bought a new Magna so we probably won't fix that.

Right back door will not open.

General Comments:

It's a very fuel efficient car, and the fuel injection makes it take off at the traffic lights very fast.

No power steering makes it hard to turn, and as a mum running around with football training for my son, it's time for the old girl to go. If I was someone, I wouldn't buy the Camira.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2008

1988 Holden Camira SL/X 2.0 EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Undervalued, competent and reliable car, that is now beginning to get some credit


Over 14 years of ownership, we have replaced 1 radiator, 1 engine management computer, 1 set of brake pads and 2 sets of tyres.

Original clutch now due for replacement; not slipping, just stiff to operate.

Dash lights & fuel gauge are temperamental due to poor connections, which is a common thing with these cars.

General Comments:

JE is the best version of this car with the problems of the earlier JB & JD models being mostly eliminated.

Interior of this car is almost as new, the body has no rust, though the paint is now starting to fade. Not bad for a 19 year old car.

Great performance for a 4 cylinder, plenty of torque at lower rev's too, so you don't need thrash the red line all the time.

Not bad on gas, around 26 mpg around town, 30-ish on a trip.

M A S S I V E boot, very comfortable seats, good visibility from large windows. Full instrumentation on SL/X Model is a nice feature.

Would like to know if anyone out there has owned one for longer than 14 years??

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Review Date: 11th September, 2007

26th Apr 2012, 09:45

I've just picked up a 1980 Camira SL. She's a beaut.

1988 Holden Camira SL 2.0L efi from Australia and New Zealand


2.0L EFI super car!


Exhaust pipe fell off!!! replaced with a 2.5 performance exhaust.

Paint is badly faded, but the car is 18 years old and it isn't too bad compared to other cars that I have seen.

Springs and shocks have had it and need to be replaced.

Auto is very clunky moving from neutral into drive.

Door seals have come away, but cost less than $4 to replace.

Engine bay is dirty and needs a good hard scrub.

Shakes while idling have to get it looked at.

General Comments:

Every thing is cheap and easy to fix.

It has guts even the auto is seriously quick compared to other autos and some manuals of the same age!!!

The ride is rough due to the suspension, but I have had it close to 190 kph before it shakes to bits.

Beats my bros VR Calais of at the lights.

Exhaust makes it sound like a nitrous V8.

Nice body shape better than the VL.

60 L tank can get you 2 weeks of driving before a refill.

I'm happy with it and I would gladly by another one.

The fastest car I have driven so far (haven't driven many) but it a very nice car to drive. what you save on petrol you can use to do these little beasts up.


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Review Date: 17th April, 2006

1988 Holden Camira from Australia and New Zealand


If you like it, it will like you


This car has gone wrong in just about everything you can think of in the first 2 years. After that it has not done anything, but run run run without a problem. I've replaced the head, water pump, power steeing, engine mountings, wheel bearings, clutch, servo, Hoses, radiator, (three times)

All in all this car has ran a treat for the past two years and is very reliable. It starts at the fist click every time. If it doesn't start first time, you know you have problems. To be honest this car used to drive me insane, but to be honest its been the most faithfull car I've ever owned. Maybe it just likes me.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2006

28th Jul 2007, 03:06

I have had a Camira for over 10 years. It gave me heaps of problems to start with, but once fixed it has not missed a beat in 6 years just keeps on going. Starts easy as, very cheap on fuel, I can't say that about any of the other cars I have had and I have had a lot.