1989 Holden Camira 2.0 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


Gets me from A to B


From 2004-2005 the following problems have occurred:

Head gasket blew at 258000kms.

Solenoid packed it in at 245000kms.

Brakes have been warped since who knows when.

Had to override the electronics which run the fan in the engine with a switch because it failed to turn on at the most crucial moments.

Pings constantly, because the petrol isn't as it used to be, timing needs to be put back slightly.

CV boots and joints went at 236000kms.

Petrol tank leak.

Ignition played up replacement part $60.

Key kept falling out of key hole, had to fix.

Boot leaks, back door handle broke.

General Comments:

Awesome air-conditioning.

Good fast car with great pick-up.

Good with petrol.

Clean and shiny, looks can deceive after-all.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2005

1989 Holden Camira SLE 2.0L Multipoint Fuel Injection from Australia and New Zealand


A underestimated economical car that people give away for a song


Indicators on dash are faulty, but external lights are perfect.

Water pump seal blew at 222000km causing a slow leak.

Idle and starts rough sometimes likely needs new injectors.

Shockies on front and back are extremely worn not replaced for at least 8years.

Car interior is in A1 condition with only visible wear is on dash near trip computer where fingers lean against to press buttons.

Slight leak on rocker cover opened up after my purchase at 220000km likely due to my giving it to her a bit to much.

Paint is nearly in as new condition other than a bit of wear on corners of paint above front and back pillars.

Bonnet hits body on side near hinges due to wear of the thing that holds bonnet open pushing it sideways.

Power window switches have worn in front and back right window pulls air seal down because it is too tight for some reason. Will look into soon.

General Comments:

Great car with a great power to weight ratio.

Extremely nice interior all blue including all carpets.

Great car for sound system expansions with a very large parcel shelf and front door cavities. Not to mention the boot size, it's huge. I love my stereo.

Extremely economical, give it to her around town all the time and only just get fuel usage over 10L/100km and on open road the extremely accurate trip computer clocks me in at 6.8L/100km at 120km.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2004