27th Dec 2000, 20:00

I've owned three Camiras (2x JB and 1 x JD) and they've all been fairly good, reliable cars to own. I actually think that the JB model is one of the nicest looking cars on the road! It has very nice, well-proportioned lines and is a great example of late 70's /early 80's GM design.

3rd Jan 2001, 10:50

I have owned an 82 JB for the last 2 years, and had no real major problems with it. I would say to give it some road manners 205/60R13 are in order, but apart from that the car is a nice first car. Goes hard with some work too!

3rd Feb 2001, 06:05

I own a 1988 JE Camira. Its 2.0 litre EFI engine was one of the best engines Holden ever built. The car is very reliable, roomy, looks great and goes hard.

It's fuel efficient, beats a standard Commodore in a drag-race, and sounds good. I've built mine up quite a bit, with engine mods and a cool CD sound system.

Definitely the best bargain of a car I've ever had.

6th Feb 2001, 23:38

I think Camira's are cool. I've just bought one and it runs very well. If you think about buying a car, try a Camira and have fun driving.

They go hard and well.

So go for a Camira.

Go go go Camira's

19th Apr 2001, 22:17

I recently purchased a 1983 JB Camira SL/E for $1300. The car came with good tyres, 5 spd manual, air con, SL/E alloys, cassette/radio, and very little rust for a car of its age. The only thing wrong with it is the carpets are worn in the front foot wells,& air-con needs a re-gas.Friends and family cannot believe how good the car is for the money that I paid.

As I live in another state - I bought the car as a runabout for when I visit my family and friends. I must admit that I was concerned about problems with the car - but to date it has proven to be a good car with little wrong with it. OK - I admit it is no limousine - but really for a second car or cheap runabout, nothing can beat it. I am glad I purchased it and have had no regrets. To those who bag the Camira - I say don't judge one till you have tried one.

8th Jul 2001, 07:29

Camiras ARE cool cars. Before purchasing, check for rust in the left side of the fire wall, behind the heater fan cover, under the back window inside the boot and on the wagons, under the weatherseal at the top of the roof. if you get a really genuine one and maintain it, and keep it fairly clean, you will have one of the cheapest, most powerful 2 litre cars on the road. Good quality oil is essential. Change oil frequently... Camira on!

7th Dec 2001, 15:20

Yeah, Camira's are cool!! I have a JB.

It has a lot of guts! But it also has a lot of rust on it..

I had to spend $500 getting it fixed.

Starter motor died, and lots more, I also need a new front exhuast.

27th Sep 2002, 16:35

I have just brought a JB SL/X Camira for $800, It is a very good little car, However, since I have brought it I have needed the plugs done, Distributor Cap, Roder Button and now I am up for a new Head Gasket.

25th Feb 2004, 23:31

Great cars. I bought an 1982 JB Camira just recently and it has been great other than the transmission needing to be replaced, but it was fairly well shot when I bought and I new it needed to be replaced. Runs very well great power and handling. Also if you have trouble finding an engine for the JB's keep in mind that a Je sli engine will fit and can be supercharged so that's some good news huh. I'm planning to change mine over soon. but all in all it is a good car.