2001 Holden Combo SB 1.4 EFi unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


I would own another one. It's the only vehicle I haven't killed


Air-con reoccurring electrical fault (due to my bad wiring).

Water pump and timing belt at 115000km (as per the 100000km service I never did).

Thermostat gate valve sticking and was replaced at the same time as the water pump.

Some dash lights not working.

Roof bubble showing some rust.

General Comments:

I have abused this poor little van for 60000km.

Driven half of that distance fast and hard (100kph) on unsealed rutted out bush tracks and roads.

Changed the oil once.

Carried the maximum 500kg load many times.

Hosed the back out, hosed the cab out, including seats and console!

I have hit 2 wallabies and 1 wallaroo on 3 separate occasions, and although they causing extensive front end damage, each time I was able to continue driving safely.

It won't die!

There is a comfort factor of about 0, but that's not why I bought it.

Again. It won't die!

It is totally gutless, goes up hill at 80, still has great gas mileage despite the lack of care and servicing, but can also comfortably cruise at 130kph!

The load area is massive, so if you have lightweight but bulky loads to carry, then it's perfect!

Makes a great camper van, and the overhead storage is cavernous at least!


In Australia at least, these vehicles must be run with light commercial tyres to be compliant. The rubber and side walls on these tyres is much harder than normal and takes a lot longer to wear. If you are NOT under load, there is a tendency for this little van to want to UNDERSTEER BADLY in wet weather or slippery conditions!

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Review Date: 26th February, 2014

2003 Holden Combo from Australia and New Zealand


Do not buy


When I bought the Holden Combo from the dealer, it was brand new. When I received the car, I noticed a dent, and I told them about it. The dealer said that if you come for a service, we will fix it. But they didn't when I visited them.

The first problem I encountered was when the petrol pump, petrol tank and computer were gone. It took 2 weeks for the service to fix it, and I was lucky because they were all under warranty.

Second problem was when the shock absorbers were replaced, and the clutch was gone when it was 40 thousand kms. The clutch cylinder was also gone.

This car is a s**t box. I would never recommend it to anyone.

It gave me a heart attack until I sold it. It is an unreliable car, and I lost lots of business.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2013

2004 Holden Combo from Australia and New Zealand


OK, but unreliable, and small for dog transport to vets


Brakes squeal and grab, despite several trips to the garage to clean and adjust.

Battery light continually on; fitted new alternator wire, but the problem persists. Sudden loss of power and lurching, almost stalling, in the line of traffic (very scary). Generous footbath for my passenger in rainy weather when turning left on a roundabout or any sharp left turn.

Air conditioning fails when held up in traffic due to an accident or road repairs.

Driver's seat is most uncomfortable, causing backache.

Unreliable transport for animals due to the risk of stalling in hot weather.

General Comments:

Very economical; had to take my dog to Sydney, and did the round trip for about $18.

Compact little van, however visibility is poor on turning or roundabouts, due to the huge mirrors.

Seats uncomfortable.

Needs side windows for complete safety.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2012

1995 Holden Combo from Australia and New Zealand




No fuse information written on lid, must buy manual.

Ignition key failure.

Front end knock.

Mirrors not adequate for a van with no side windows.

Everything is back to front, blinkers left hand side, wipers right.

Wipers are woeful.

Bloody things beeps when the key is taken out of the ignition.

And blinkers are still on

Horn is poking through plastic covers on the steering wheel.

They say there's a sucker born every minute, and I'm one of them for buying this piece of you know what.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2010