1997 Holden Commodore VT 5.0 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


A high performance bargain


The LSD diff blew after six months of purchase (it blew at about 100000 km's).

Tires kept wearing out.

AM/FM radio cutting out.

Manual screwed up at 100000 km's.

General Comments:

This 5000 CC motor is really powerful. EX Victorian police car, 205KW to the motor, uses lots of fuel, white in colour, interceptor rims.

Handling is not really good (or is it me). This manual is really too tall.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2003

1997 Holden Commodore VS Series 2 Executive 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Great for comfort, reliability and perform


The speedo was sticky when bought, but was fixed by dealer.

The suspension on the car is not that fantastic.

Lighter stopped working at 105000km.

Temperature gauge rising when sitting for a couple of minutes in traffic, but does not go over half way because the fans clicks on.

When bought the car had a water leak, but was fixed by dealer.

General Comments:

This car has a lot of power with the V6 engine. The car has good pick up when needed most and climbs hills without any problem.

Very comfortable and reliable car for long distant driving.

You can get close to 400km from a full tank of petrol using regular unleaded.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2002

1997 Holden Commodore VS Acclaim Series II V6 ECOTEC from Australia and New Zealand


You can bolt anything onto a Commodore to make it do whatever you want!!


100,000km I had to get a new power steering pump. Apparently, the dealer says it is a common fault.

At a 115,000km, I had to replace the auto transmission, which was a bit nasty. A nice $3,000.

The IRS is not even or even close to being even. I had to get a camber kit put in to try and straighten the rear wheels.

I got new suspension for my car as the standard suspension is terrible.

Breaks don't last very long if you're stopping a bit, especially if you are towing a load.

Another thing. Can't do stand stills. The IRS has too much grip and just ends up dragging the front wheels forward, then ABS kicks in and stops the fun :(

I wanna V8!!!

Commodores are good despite their batch faults.

General Comments:

Generealy the car has been rather good. It still is in Immaculate comdition.

It is a good point when buying a Commodore with IRS, to put the potential vehicle on a wheel alignment machine and check the rear wheels for camber and toe. It could save you a lot of money if you find a car with reasonably straight rear suspension.

I bought crossed drilled and slotted rotors for the front and slotted for the rear and good pads. I can stop all day now.

I had the engine management chip remapped. $700 you will be amazed of how much power you get from doing that. Better fuel economy and more power. My car has about 176kw at the motor from an average 147kw. At 3500rpm my car produces about 147kw!!

Although their transmissions are questionable. I previously owned an 1986 Corolla. I did burn outs, flat changed it dragging people, it also was a bit worked. The gear box loved it. Holden use glass trannies. But after getting hit by a P plater as I was going through an intersection and seeing how far the dash came up to my knees, I'd rather be in a Commo anyday!

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2002

23rd Apr 2012, 04:17

Hi mate, these pre-programmed tune chips can be easily bought on eBay. Just type in your model VS Commodore with Memcals at the end. Depending on how much extra grunt you are chasing, they come in a range of stages, from 1 to 4.

Also with the tunes, ask the seller things like, how many KW's is the Memcal improved over a standard Memcal, and also if it is also tuned for fuel economy when driven distance on a daily basis.

Be very careful of cheap, inferior Memcal tunes being sold on eBay. Be sure to ask if they are a reputable Memcal tuning centre or performance shop. There are a few really good sellers on eBay that will also give you a 12 month warranty on their performance Memcals they sell, with a no questions asked return and refund.

I own a 1997 VS SS. It is stroked, and also has a street/strip cam in the motor, so given my motor has so much power, I went for the stage 4 Memcal. It also has GTS injectors in it, which are 24 PSI instead of the factory 19 PIS; this makes a huge difference in performance when all upgrades are done.

My advice is to first shop around, and the old saying is "you get what you pay for". If it's cheap, chances are it will not work well. Go for a Memcal that is mid to high priced, as they are of better quality.

Regards, Crow Cam Man!!