2002 Holden Commodore VX SS GEN 3 from Australia and New Zealand




Noise developed in motor that sounded like a tappet noise. It became very loud & Holden said the noise was at an acceptable level for an aluminum motor.

Motor re-build at 20,000 kl service.

Doors re-aligned at 20,000 kl service.

Chatter kit installed at 20,000 kl service.

Electric window console replaced as window controls were sticking in position.

Heater control unit replaced as it was making loud clicking noises & it had a large gap of no air flow when switching from face to feet etc..

Rear window rubbers adjusted & one was replaced.

Car returned for diff clunks. Holden advised that car was fine & no noise or problem was discovered by them.

Vehicle returned to Holden at about 22,000 kl with water leaks. As a result back seat was drenched. Holden dried out seats, but couldn't find leak.

Car returned following week with water leak again. Holden replaced rear boot spoiler seals & again dried out rear seats. There is now a water mark on rear door trim where the door meets the seat that cannot be removed.

Car returned with water leak still present and rear seats wet again. Advised to wait until following week (with wet smelly seats) when car was booked in for 30,000 kl service.

Car develops top end rattle. Holden books it in for 2 days to replace rockers etc.. We drop car off to have this done & the 30,000 kl service.

Car also still has damp rear seats.

Return to pick up car & top end has not been repaired. Holden states the noise levels are acceptable. Diff clunk still present.

Holden finally finds grommet missing from underneath car that is the probable cause for water entering.

Vehicle still displaying noise from top end.

Vehicle still has diff clunk.

Vehicle has developed a shudder type sound when turning hard right.

General Comments:

This car has been nothing, but trouble since we purchased it.

It is very comfortable to drive and handles well, but in light of all the other problems, I believe they are a waste of money.

Talking to Holden is like banging your head against a brick wall.

They have admitted to us that the VX SS have problems, but you really have to push them to fix them.

I believe this car is going to continue to have problems & once the warranty runs out we will be screwed.

Our old VN V8 has never given us an ounce of trouble since we purchased it new in 1991. It is old & tired now though, but I wish we had spent the money on that instead.

Don't buy a VX SS.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2003

24th Aug 2003, 21:38

Mate, I've noticed that you got the car with 17000ks, I got a VX SS new and have had not one problem and have found the local holden dealer (Bathurst holden) to be reliable all the time. my mate is a mechanic with bathurst holden and he assures me if the LS1 is ran in properly there will be no worries. If I were you I would try and trace the history of the car, previous owners etc, with that diff problem and tappet problem id dare say your car is an ex VB burnout car. the only two cars Bathurst holden have had to rebuild have been series1 VX SS highway patrol cars due to oil consumption.

2002 Holden Commodore vx series 2 3.8 litre V6 from Australia and New Zealand


A lemon


There is a very loud vibration coming through the exhaust at approx 4000rpm. After test driving various autos and manuals, it only happens on the manuals. The dealer was initially unwilling to fix it as it happens on all manuals. ie. it's a characteristic. They have had one attempt - no change.

The revs increase when changing gears. (it's not clutch slippage).

According to the official holden response, this is a characteristic. The revs jump by about 500rpm during a gear change. If you accelerate and then lift off the accelerator, the car continues to increase speed by up to 5km/h.

Faulty wiring in the fuse box resulted in the engine management warnings coming on repeatedly. Finally fixed by the dealer on the 2nd attempt.

General Comments:

After owning a VP, VT series 1 S, VTseries 2 Clubsport (all manuals), I'll never buy another v6 manual again. The revs increasing at every gear change is a joke.

The only redeeming feature for this car is the fuel economy (avg 9.5l/100km), and the cheap servicing.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003