20th Aug 2001, 01:08

Why not get a RB20, throw a bigger turbo on it, like a Garret T04, wind the boost up and make good use of the intercooler. If it blows, well that just means you have to buy another one at $495. It gives you a twin cam engine that has a lower capacity than the RB30, but gives a lot more horses.

P.S. around 240 kW at the wheels for $4000.

29th Sep 2001, 00:49

That last comment is not true.

29th Jan 2002, 04:00

Those last Few messages were written by numbskulls. For one Programmable injection would cost in the vicinity of $5000, and the head conversion from an RB25/26 would cost another $6000.

You have $2000. If I were you I would get a better exhaust, a nice mandrel bent 3 inch one, and an HKS pod filter. And a cam and chip package from Chiptorque. This would punch upwards of 200 horses at the rears which is more than enough for a car weighing in at only 1350kg.

19th May 2002, 20:46

Can anyone tell me fairly exactly how much it would be to put the RB26 head on my stock VL RB30?

What inexpensive things can I do to my car to get a few extra horses. I have extractors and a full 2 1/2 exhaust minus the cat - if I put on a 3inch cat or a good high-flow 2 1/2 inch cat would it give me a few more horses?

I plan for a cold air induction system and maybe a sports filter (or a pod filter if it fits in the box)

Does anyone have any suggestions?


19th May 2002, 20:55

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I was wanting to regas my air con, Could I replace it with another system that works better. Is the gas the new stuff or the old crap? It's an 86 exec.


28th Oct 2002, 01:06

I'm doing a custom installation of an RB20 turbo on an engine and need to modify the exhaust turbine housing so that the wastegate is blocked off.

This is necessary for space requirements.

I am about to have the welding and machining done, but am would like to know if I could get an exhaust turbine without a wastegate from a diferent turbo to fit to the RB20 instead.

16th Mar 2003, 04:37

Wanted to ask a quick question. I am putting an RB25DET in my VL Commodore and I wanted to know if the wiring loom will plug straight into the standard VL plug, or whether modifications need to be done.


28th Jun 2003, 23:31

I've got a 99 standard vs Ute and was wondering if there are any simple cheap modifications I could do.

27th Oct 2004, 20:39

For all your VL needs (6 cylinder turbo and non turbo, and V8) go to www.calaisturbo.com.au.

This is an amazing site, which can and will teach you everything about VL's.

4th Feb 2009, 05:33

I've got an rb20 at 19psi in my VL, which had 300 rwhp.. Then the map sensor in the computer went.. I got that upgraded from a 1 bar to a 3 bar sensor, so to handle higher boost.. When I got it re-tuned it only made 247rwhp on the same psi??? How is this so, what could be restricting this power.. It was about a year between the 2 tunes..