28th Jul 2001, 00:19

Sounds like you might have scored a lemon. My 1996 VS has been totally faultless for the nearly 3 yrs I've owned it. Paint and trim still excellent, good economy, good performance (but lack of top end noticable on the highway). The worst thing I can say about it is the abysmal resale value... But then, that's a Commodore for you!

3rd Aug 2001, 00:13

It's not a lemon, I know people who want to drive theirs off the end of a cliff. These things don't effect the day to day running. A lemon would be in and out of the workshop. These are just annoying quality issues. It takes 2 minutes to fix a broken globe, the car won't stop driving if many of the trims are deteriorating but it doesn't give an overall impression of a good quality car for the money. You'd never get these gremlins in a Toyota.

15th Aug 2001, 02:58

I have the same quality issues (interior window surrounds, boot leaks, central locking, rattly doors) plus a temperamental transmission. The Holden dealership found nothing wrong with the transmission in the warranty period. It still goes, but what a disappointment.

26th Aug 2001, 18:00

160000km recently on my 3rd clutch. No it is not my driving style. Heard that the clutch system on manual Commodores post VN is generally not up to the job long term. The drivetrain has always been generally rough though - clunks and thumps, "cranky" in slow moving stop start traffic.

Leak from the rear main oil seal since about 80000km, has not really worsened - usually need to add about 500ml oil every 10000km.

Boot leaks from God knows where - recommend drilling a hole through the floor of the spare wheel well (and on the other side) to let water drain through.

16th Jan 2002, 11:46

Had the VSII for three years now. Have to agree on all the problems. Rear Seal is leaking about a litre every three weeks, seals gone, problems when towing relatively light weights where it seems to engage the clutch and rev out over 100 and the engine starts to red line.

Good styling though, I still think the VR / VS combo looks good, pity about the Australian workmanship (or lack of)

First Holden (other than an EH) and I must admit, the EH was a much better chick magnet!



11th Oct 2003, 01:24

Dear me, the car (as of this writing) is no even 8 years old and you people talk of leaking main seals and stuff? Does anyone wonder why these cars have poor re-sale value?

Japanese cars all the way... I don't care where a car is made, as long as it has quality.

26th Feb 2004, 03:16

I got a VR 1995 Commodore. Today, I found a whole puddle of water in the spare tyre well. Not to mention a constantly damp patch on the floor of the right rear passenger seat. Seems like the water is simply not draining from the boot lid. Does anyone know how to rectify this problem?

19th Oct 2004, 20:50

To the guy with the vr with a leaking boot.

You will be either the boot rubber, or the rear side window between C and D pillars. It is an integral unit with the rubber. Remove the interior trim around the window to see a bolt that holds the window on. The seal around the window/rubber might be stuffed from age and is letting water in above the wheel well. to fix, silicon it back on.

21st Jun 2009, 20:25

1996 VS Acclaim. I have a water leak under the car between the motor and the transmission. It's driving me nuts.