6th Dec 2002, 03:34

Me again, the one who had the '98 VT Executive. I heard just today that the car actually broke down completely this time and left the guy stranded. It apparently was in the shop for nearly a week to get it going again, must have barely 100K's on it. What a great quality Holden vehicle, go the Fords!

26th Dec 2002, 20:32

I currently own a VS series II commodore berlina and in the 9 months I have owned it, have only had to replace the alternator which was due on the next extended service anyway. Admittedly I brought the car in showroom condition off a 80 year old, but I have still failed to come across any overly detractive features with the vehicle.

3rd Jan 2003, 23:33

I have owned a 97 Commodore Exec Series II for 2 years and never had a single problem! Its just clocked over 132,000 kilometers (had around 25,000 when I bought it). I'm quite impressed with the resilience of the VS as I tend to drive it quite hard and clock up quite a few Kilometers each year, and so far it hasn't let me down.

22nd Jan 2003, 06:26

I am currently driving (happily) a 95 VS Berlina with a 5.0 litre powertrain in it. Admittedly it's my first 'large' car, but have really had no problems with it. It's done nearly 150k on the clock and I first owned it when it was at 94k.

Couple of things that I have had done in it was the radiator replaced and the ummm, oh yeah, I broke one of the engine mounts (somehow) and wondered why the bonnet looked as though it was about to fly off whenever I gave it heaps!!!

It came with 17" HSV rims and high performance tyres and I have added HSV slotted and drilled brake discs with the navvy brake pads. Stops on a dime now I can tell you.

The economy is actually quite good considering it's a V8 but not really a 'city car' if you're looking for a car that doesn't guzzle gas. Even though it's getting on in age it's still a nice looking car and an absolute dream to drive.

Everybody has their opinion and everybody has had a bad experience with some car they have owned at some point in time. Regardless if it's a Holden, Ford, Daewoo or Lada we are all going to have our faves and not so faves.

I'm quite happy saying that Holden's rule, but it won't stop the next person from going out to by a Falcon will it??

To each his or her own...

9th Jul 2003, 06:21

Wasn't the writer of the review asking about VT commodore's... I don't see why so many people are writing to talk about their VS's...

11th Jul 2003, 23:00

We have a VT Commodore, Series I, haven't had much work done to it, been pretty reliable. We bought it from a fleet car company, but we knew the guy personally, so we got a selection of our favorite. The only real drama's it's had is the Power Steering Belt, or the belt that effects that, and a leak on the Power Steering Pump. Apart from that, it's been really reliable, and boy does it get up and go. It's done just over 120,000k's and still going. We are, though, looking out for the Oil Stick problem it gets at about 120,000k's, where it starts to rapidly leak oil, but fixing that is no drama, change it with an Oil Stick from a VX or VY Commodore, the ones on the VT are the wrong size.

25th Aug 2003, 07:10

I have heard a lot of bad things about VT commodores, but nevertheless decided to buy one with 75000 kms. The only thing that has gone wrong with the car was a bearing in a pulley at 100000. This cost me $30. It now has 140000 kms on it. I think my vt is a fantastic car just a little bit slow.

3rd Nov 2004, 20:18

Hi I have owned a VT BERLINA for 3 months, during this time my air con compressor has been replaced as well as the radiator as well as the low speed fan relay switch. Other faults I have had, boot wouldn't open car alarm would go off whenever it felt like it.Not impressed if anything else happens this car will be history.

16th Nov 2004, 17:58

My wife and I have a 1996 VS Series 2 and a 1997 VT. When we purchased them, both had 70 000 km or there abouts on the clock. In the past three years the VS has cost about $400.00 in services and the VT has cost $3000 for repairing faulty equipment. TO anyone I would suggest a VS over a VT. The VT is quite possibly the worst series holden has ever produced. I would quite frankly prefer to drive a '79 VB any day!

30th Aug 2005, 07:01

I have owned a VT Berlina 5.0 V8 since I bought it new in 1999. It now has 198000 kms, and is on its second power steering pump. The garage says the pump seals are Australian made, and only just make it through the warranty period - not good enough! Apart from the pump, the car is great with excellent performance with economy averaging 12.3L/100kms mixed city/freeway driving. Borrowed the neighbour's Territory for a month, which averaged 14.2L/100kms doing exactly the same trips.

A great car that has never let me down.

27th Apr 2010, 20:32

I have purchased a 1997 VT Commodore Series 1 Acclaim sedan. To date I have had only 1 problem; one of the ABS sensors needed replacing, it set off all the lights on the dash.

I have owned this vehicle for over a year, adding around 50,000k's. I am very impressed with the way it handles and drives. I highly recommend purchasing one of these vehicles to anyone. Maybe I got lucky? Who knows? Currently it's sitting on 211,000k's and still going strong. Well done Holden.