10th Oct 2002, 05:50

Hi, you should replace it cause it happens to all. I have a VN Persuit and I have to do all the things. But I think the VN is a good car and you should do it up.

26th Nov 2005, 01:01

I have had a 1989 VN Calais for three months now, the best car I have owned. Yet, for some reason, when I have only a quarter of a tank left, when I put my foot down, it coughs and splutters. Sometimes, even dies. Is this the fuel pump?

29th May 2006, 01:03

Hi, I have a Holden Commodore VN 1989. Can someone please tell me how often the coil pack go's in VN's?


4th Jul 2006, 05:55

Hi, I have owned a 1989 VN Commodore for over a year now and have had to change the fuel pump twice. It was recently changed by a mechanic, but I only had it home for four days and I have yet another problem, it now won't start and I am thinking that it could be the fuel filter, any suggestions would be great thanks.

26th Feb 2007, 03:42

I have a vn wagon my computer went at 400,024km, but didn't realize until 100 or so km's later the radiator gauge does not seem to work so it's really not hard to fix 50-100 at a wreckers should get you one and put it in on the kick panel LHS now that my wagon's got to about 417,000 my coil is earthing out on spark-plug lead number 2 change gasket between muffler part 1 and muffler part 2 tends to be common after 200,000km's if it sounds really sick that's it if I have helped anyone on here good luck.

20th Apr 2008, 04:29

It should be on top of the fuel tank. You need to bring down the tank to reach to the fuel pump.

4th Aug 2008, 18:56

Hey guys I have an 89 VN Commodore Executive. My car has had its fuel filter replaced, and when I try to kick it over it does the starting bit, but it just actually won't start, it just kicks over and doesn't ever start? I thought it could be fuel lines? Any ideas? Need help ASAP. Cheers.

15th Oct 2008, 03:30

It could be the spark plugs. Replace them and gap them properly, and check the battery as well and the leads.

14th Nov 2008, 05:01

I have a VP Calais had for a year. The odometer is at 120k~. I have done a bit of work on it.

Here are some troubleshooting ideas if your car will not start, but cranks over. First turn the key to on so the dash light comes up e.g. engine light. Then go to the back of the car and listen for the fuel pump; it sounds like an electric motor at high rpm. If not, check the fuses. All good, then replace if you don’t hear the pump. If you do, then 90% of your fuel system is good.

The next thing would be your crank angle sensor; it lets the computer know where the pistons are, so it know when to fire the spark. It is located behind the HB. Coil packs do stuff up, but they don’t just stop and kill the engine in one hit, normally I might add.

12th Dec 2008, 06:24

I have a Berlina Commodore and you need to put on an external high pressure pump. This is a second pump combined with the internal fuel pump. The internal fuel pump is over worked with raw fuel that has not been put through a filter, as it picks up fuel, then goes through a fuel filter, then to the motor. Because the fuel is filtered after it is pumped, the dirt that goes through the pump wears out the inside of the pump, causing it to not work properly or even fail.

Also if there is only an internal fuel pump, it is overworked. So you need an internal and a external pump to take the load off the internal pump.

28th Aug 2010, 17:47

Hey, I've got a 1989 Holden Calais. Just trying to replace a thermostat. Having a bit of trouble. Any tips would be muchly appreciated.

8th Jan 2012, 17:42

To remove the thermostat from the rear of the motor on VN metal, sometimes the upper housing becomes glued to the motor - use Inox and spray around the stuck housing to assist in levering it up - do it several times during the day. Make up a metal collar to fit around housing, and weld this onto a piece of 3/4 water pipe. Put around the housing and use the water pipe section to rock until movement is felt, and then pull up and the housing will come off. Tried other methods, but this was the best idea I could come up with. You may have to leave Inox on longer to penetrate around the bottom of the housing, as some thermostats have been in the car since year dot.