1963 Holden EJ Special 138ci Grey motor from Australia and New Zealand


A piece of Australian motoring history


The fuel pump had to be replaced. As it is mechanical and bolted to the engine it took a maximum of 40 minutes to replace the old fuel pump with a new one.

Differential seal replaced.

Universal joints replaced.

General Comments:

The car is one of the last of the EJ series Holdens.

The car's Grey motor is short on horsepower, but unbeatable for torque as has always been the case with the Grey motor.

The car is fine to drive in suburban traffic, but is even better on highways or open road.

The interior is very roomy and the seats are so comfortable.

Fuel economy is surprisingly good for a car of its age.

Running costs also surprisingly lower than expected as is also the case with obtaining spare parts.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2002

20th Sep 2005, 03:07

My father had a light blue EJ Special sedan with a white roof as a company car from 1963 to 1966. He didn't like Holdens and he had an FB before that, which he reckoned was the best of four company Holdens he had over the years.

They were the FB, the EJ, an HR in 1966 and an HG in 1970.

I was only 6 when he got the EJ, but I remember it clearly, and one night he rolled it with the family on board. These days, if you roll a car it is often written off, but the EJ was straightened out, with a new windscreen, and back on the road again in a few weeks. I thought it was the duck's guts when I was six.

13th Aug 2010, 19:51

I have great memories of the faithful EJ Special we had. That car was & is a part of my life growing up from 1962 to 1971 until Dad traded her, with a tear in his eye, for the new HQ 1971 Holden Premier Wagon. Yep, we were an Aussie Holden family through and through.

When I look at the photos of the family around the ole EJ, memories flood back. The gentlemen who wrote that she rattles, shakes, whistles in the wind, protests, is 100% correct (her own character) but she never ever let us down once. No seat belts in those days either.

To have one in my shed now would be reliving my childhood..!!

Don't worry, I am looking.