1975 Holden Gemini TX DOHC 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A screamer with absolute stunning looks


The engine finally gave in at 240,000 Km. Other than that, it was ultra reliable. Then the fun started:

Fitted imported 1.8 DOHC EFI engine

Added HALTEC management system

Close ratio box

Imported limited slip diff & disc brakes

Converted front to 1984 TG model

Converted interior, including dash, to TG specs

Fitted imported ZZ/R rear panel and tail lights

2.5" exhaust

Torana triple core radiator and twin thermo fans

Lowered suspension, upgraded sway bars all round & poly bushes.

15" alloy wheels

Isuzu badges

And suddenly - voila - Isuzu PF60 ZZ/R.

General Comments:

Aahh, the 80's, what a time that was, and what a car. All the above probably doesn't sound radical now, but in the 80's this was one of the first EFI DOHC Gemini's in Oz. It got into fast 4's at the time as well.

The engine was standard, but boy did it hammer; it blew almost everything away. It was super reliable, and even more economical than the old 1.6 carby.

That car was amazing, and if I found it today, I would buy it back, or a real example of a PF60 ZZ/R.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2007

1975 Holden Gemini 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Great ride!!


Exhaust takes a lot of work to maintain especially Mot ex types.

When adding most performance parts they can severely strain the current engine, so my secret is to add a 16 valve EFI to the existing engine, (Camry is compatible)

General Comments:

Although the Gemini is quite old you can still find good part for it or else rip parts off other cars. PTA paint is great for painting parts of the engine, Mags can be used for your car if you take it to any good tyre specialist.

You can attach racing gear boxes, and no Gemini looks complete with out a FAT spoiler!

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Review Date: 6th May, 2003

1975 Holden Gemini TX Coupe 1.8, extractors, Garett turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Great little V6 and V8 killer


Cracked a couple of head gaskets, general wear and tear repairs.

When buying look for RUST. This is the main offender of the Gemini! Under doors, windows seals, in the boot especially, floor pans, and behind the dash on the engine wall (inside and out). Remember, there is no such thing as a perfectly straight, rust free Gemini (correction - rust and bog free Gemini).

General Comments:

Get a Gemini, put a decent short motor in it, make sure it's got a ten bolt diff (came with the TE's, and Toranas) and rear sway bars, stick a turbo on it (Garett's are cheap second hand) and it doesn't matter if it's a 1600 or a 2.0L, it'll still fly. With an 1800 or a 2.0L, leave the 1600 head on it for a higher compression ratio and more torque - although you go through a few heads this way, and leave even V8's at a standstill!

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Review Date: 10th August, 2000

3rd Apr 2001, 01:57

Lower the compression, add an Intercooler and some boost should make it better.

3rd Aug 2004, 19:53

Hey steven if you ever read this I hope you listen to what I have to say. Get a Jackaroo V6 1995 on wards and twin turbo it, high set. Want to see it done.