1985 Holden Gemini 1.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Brilliant, always reliable


I got the car for someone who wrecked it. Fixed up the radiator and front corner panels.

Hit a dog a week later and bent the corner panels again as well as the bumper.

Alternator died at 180000km cost 120 dollars to fix.

Engine is slowly getting worse, but hasn't died on me yet.

General Comments:

Fantastic little car. Not very powerful, but handles fantastic. The sort of car you will always remember. The interior is good for a +20year old car if you get the cloth seats. nothing tacky inside. nice looking on the outside. There are very few manly look 1.6lt cars out there.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2006

1985 Holden Gemini TG Hot 1.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


My baby!!!


Basically the Gemini has its faults like all other cars, things like rust in the boot, lower doors and 1/4 panels, broken fuel door, which is nearly impossible to find and blown head gasket. I am totally rebuilding mine around a budget as low as possible I bought the car originally for $450 and have spent around $4000 to this date. Included in this is $1500 for the stereo and $1200 on the motor.

General Comments:

Modifications are as follows:

Ported and Polished head, inlet and outlet manifold

50thou shaved of head, rocky crow cam camshaft and 3 angle valves.

Extractors which I made by hand with help at school

Lowered 3 inches thanks to peder's

17” Alloys running low profiles.

Complete interior makeover using checker plate and vinyl, all done by hand. Flat bottom boot, which was needed to remove the rust.

Things like a taco and pioneer headset etc…

All in all a very reliable car with a lot of parts available takes everything from drags to cruising around town.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2004

1985 Holden Gemini SL/X 1.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap, reliable fun


Rattle in the transmission and synchros starting to wear.

Various coolant hoses split.

Ball joints in front suspension.

Brake master cylinder replaced.

General Comments:

A much better car than most people think and better than most other small cars of its age.

The few things that have gone wrong with it have not been expensive to fix and the car has never, ever left me stranded anywhere.

Easy on petrol and insurance.

Quicker than earlier Geminis, in fact surprisingly brisk if you're prepared to work the gears.

Neat Italian styling with Japanese reliability.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2001

22nd Jul 2001, 04:16

I have a Gemini and it is a good car.

It's not on the road at the moment, it's being fixed. I find it a real easy car to maintain - cheap parts

It's a flyer and a good looking car for what it is.

11th Feb 2005, 04:23

I have a 1985 Holden Gemini and I reckon it rocks, it hardly guzzles any fuel, doesn't need power steering, a neat little car in all.

I love my Gemini, the only thing is that I am 15 and am unlicensed. It needs all the Shock absorbers replaced and just a whole lot of little things, the clutch is still fine, the brakes work fine, interior is good, one window doesn't work properly.

It is reasonably well looked after even if it hasn't been registered in 3 years, and I bought it for only $150, Bargain.