1966 Holden HD 179 from Australia and New Zealand


The HD is maybe one of the worst designs, but it is one of the most reliable cars in history!!!


Well, as I am a new driver on the roads, and I had bought the car off an elderly man, the car has become slightly tired with my driving style.

To get the car registered in NSW (it was previously a Canberra car), all it needed was the passenger-side door lock fixed (it was self locking).

Next to be done was a service, as I was not too sure last time that it had been done.

I was then informed that the harmonic balancing was totally out and therefore the timing would be out too.

I then realized that I was going through a lot of petrol at a rapid rate, so I took it back and he informed me that the fuel pump was leaking.

The gearbox also recently let go, leaving me with only 2nd and reverse as gears; luckily the 179 motor has good low down torque so I could get it to the mechanics.

So, the HD is now at the mechanic getting all of the above problems fixed, and I hope that it will present itself with no further major problems.

General Comments:

So far, I love the car, except early in the morning when it is cold, as it can take a while to warm up, but, I hope to pay back what I owe on getting the above things fixed, and then I can focus on saving up for a new paint job.

I also plan to buy firmer shocks and suspension, as at the moment, it is like a boat around corners, although a very fun one.

The car is on its original, although reconditioned motor, and it has no further signs of any other problems appearing in the future.

Although people say that the HD is one of the GMH worst design in past, I still love my old Holden, and so long as I call it a tank, and it continues acting like a tank, I still love it.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2003

9th Mar 2005, 00:53

I bought a HD Station Wagon (the X2) model and I've found it to be a total bloke-magnet!

It is in pretty good nic and I love the styling. A bad reputation this model does have, but don't believe the hype. I don't think lighting at night is that big an issue.

Not the best city car though - the crash box probably tests city drivers patience. But for cruising the coast, my girlfriends and I can attest that this makes the perfect surfie road-trip car! Go the X2.