1979 Holden HZ 3.3 from Australia and New Zealand


As cheap as they come and the best they come


Blew up the 3 speed auto box doing burn outs.

Stuffed the water pump.

Snapped the wiper selector, just pushed too hard.

Needed a new ignition, they say you can't take the key out when it's going these days.

Four tyres, the old lady didn't know what pressure they needed.

Fuel gauge doesn't work some, little idiot needed some fuel and his hose was too long, which bumped my gauge.

The paint is shot - scratched all over the shop.

Bit of rust, but nothing a bit of putty can't fix.

And nobody makes the chrome stripes that go up the side of my car, so I had to pull them all off.

General Comments:

Once all the little bits got fixed it is a dream to drive. I'm only 16 and it's my first car on the road, and I love every second I get to drive it.

I got a full 2 inch exhaust and muffler done at Carline, I would definitely recommend it.

And it might use some fuel, but at least it's being used in the right car.

I got the car given to me so it was at a good price.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2002

1978 Holden HZ GTS Monaro 350 Chevrolet from Australia and New Zealand


A high performance machine


Nothing except regular servicing at 1000km intervals with torco racing oils. And your normal wear and tear stuff like tyres and brakes.

General Comments:

This car is a rip-snorter and a wallet burner, I first got this car in 1997 from an old guy who bought it straight from new. He kept this thing in immaculate condition and it was always garaged, it was perfect, but the only thing that wasn't was the old 253c.i. which was fairly slow. It had to make way for a 350 Chevy that was fully rebuilt by my mate. It's mated up to a re-worked THM-400 with a B@M quickshift, and a Ford 9 inch diff.

I tell you all this cost a lot of money, but it's my pride and joy and I'll never sell it. It's a good cruiser and gets lots of attention from the ladies :P. So far the best time I've been able to pull off is a 11.48@119MPH.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2001

1978 Holden HZ SX 202 from Australia and New Zealand


Was, is, and always will be, an Australian icon


Blown starter motor in 2000, but this was the original from 1978 so I can live with that.

Rusted exhaust, once again par for the course.

Leaky inlet manifold, making it impossible to set an idle.

Worn universal joints, once again from original.

General Comments:

I bought the Kingy off a mate for $500, after having him and his four brothers and sisters learn how to drive in it over a twenty year period. Have spent over $1000 on it now getting it in good running order.

Still remains the most fun car I have ever driven, it is roomy, comfortable, and is incredibly reliable. Apart from the blown starter motor, the thing has never stopped running. Has done Adelaide/Melbourne a couple of times since I've had it and has not missed a beat.

Everyone bags the 202 for being thirsty, but if they are well tuned and driven sensibly then they are not so bad for the size of the car.

Extractors fitted make the pickup much better, and don't make it any more expensive to run.

Panels are getting harder to find - unlike the HQ there were relatively few made, and the "Rare Spares" type dealers are not afraid of charging like wounded bulls.

If it weren't a violation of God's law then I'd marry this car.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2001

1978 Holden HZ Kingswood SL 253ci V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Don't touch one with a 10 foot pole


Everything has fallen off, blown up and rusted to bits.

Performance is pathetic, it goes nowhere when you stomp on the gas.

General Comments:

The car is basically falling apart because it is such a rustbucket piece of crap. I would avoid buying a HZ at all costs.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2001

4th Jun 2001, 04:55

I have had a Kingswood SL for almost 12 months and have not had a problem with it yet. It has never let me down, and performance wise, it can round up a VK commodore going up hill doing about 140 km/h. It is an auto with a 202 engine in it. I wouldn't swap it for the world!!!

You can have your opinion, but have you ever thought that the KINGSWOOD SL you have had experience with might have been a lemon and not a true traditional, reliable KINGSWOOD SL!!!


1978 Holden HZ Kingswood 4.2 L V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Strong as a rock Aussie v8. Riceburner killer


Nothing really has gone wrong with the car.

These Kingswoods are built as strong as a rock.

Only have had a few problems with the car running on gas.

General Comments:

The 4.2 V8 is a bit slugish, but it still does OK burnouts and it's a V8 so it has endless torque and power.

I blow away crappy Japanese 4 cylinders all day long in it and I laugh at em and wonder why they even bother ahahaha.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2001

10th Oct 2001, 05:40

The greatest car ever built.

HZ Kingswood 253 auto.

Owned it for 14 years over 1 million km

One rebuilt motor two gearboxes and thousands of tyres from winning burn out comps.

3rd Oct 2002, 09:28

Naa it couldn't be a Datsun 180b they would still put up a match, most likely a dodge sigma or something that waesn't trying. Don't knock the Datsun 180.

1977 Holden HZ 308 from Australia and New Zealand


She's an orgasm on wheels!!!!


Sloppy springs in the rear end = scrubbed tyres, front tranny seal has let go a bit, replaced all front-end rubbers, that's it for now!!

General Comments:

Fords were designed and built for one purpose only - to make all Holdens look and go better than they already do!!!!!!

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Review Date: 27th April, 2000