1978 Holden Kingswood HZ 3.3 Litre In-line six cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Tough reliable runner, and the last of the real Holdens!


The engine blew at 184000, and I exchanged the blown one for a reconditioned unit built for gas.

Transmission has a tendency to sit in neutral if you put the boot in, but that's probably due to it never been worked on.

Bolt on brake caliper fell off on a dirt road one evening. Found it, but it was like finding a needle in a haystack!

General Comments:

Ever since the motor was done, it's more reliable, doesn't overheat, and tranny doesn't play up as much.

Looks better inside now since I put a Statesman dash in it.

But the back seat is worn and squeaks all the time.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2001

1978 Holden Kingswood HZ 4.2 litre V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent car, the old Holdens are built real tough


* Water pump broken.

* Power steering unit keeps leaking.

* Hand brake is dumb, always rely on the gear.

General Comments:

Everyone needs to realize that the old Holdens are the toughest cars on the Aussie roads. If they were as fuel efficient as the cars these days I think most people would have one.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2001

17th Jul 2002, 05:32

People still believe these cars were something special, because people held onto them longer than the newer models. The Holden Kingswood was built during a time when it was cheaper to fix an old car than it was to buy a new one. New cars are more affordable nowadays than ever before. It's now uneconomical to keep an old car on the road because many repairs, such as driveline work, steering, brakes and suspension cost more than the vehicle is worth. It's cheaper to go and buy a 7 year old Commodore with many creature comforts and still in good condition, than it is to fix an old nail like a Kingswood.

So don't be fooled; these cars where and still are sub standard. They only lasted as long as they did because of market forces, rather than any superiority in design or reliability.

24th Aug 2002, 07:21

These cars were built to last, be easy to repair and be all round durable. Problem is one they are old now and fuel economy is a downside and handling and road holding is poor. They also give a false impression of security, they are solid so as long as what you hit crumples you're golden, but if you hit something that's solid as well you're in big trouble. Still an Icon of Australia who proved in the early days that only Australians (well GM's Australian division) knew what it took for a car to last here. Even if it meant making something very utilitarian with very American styling.

6th Jun 2003, 05:45

The Kingswood is one of those vehicles that will last 50 years+ if maintained properly. In their day they were a good car, and were good value for money. I have a HZ which has been in the family since new, and I still use it as a daily driver.

However, a typical new car can comprehensively beat it in just about every respect, except for ease of serviceability and mechanical simplicity.

23rd May 2005, 20:01

I have a Holden Kingswood. It has a 430hp v8 in it

It goes fast and I like it better than modern motor vehicles

28th Aug 2005, 19:23

If they still made these cars today nobody would buy one and holden would go broke. Holden didn't become a market leader these days by building old outdated cars. Wake up these cars are old.

22nd Nov 2006, 06:09

700,000-800,00 kays on an original engine. yeah sure mate.I've owned plenty of holdens. AND they won't do that. no way.please tell the truth.

9th Jul 2009, 11:03

I remember years ago my mums cousin owned a HZ wagon. For an old car it for years and drove it into the ground. I think now it's ended up in a paddock.

1978 Holden Kingswood HX Premier 202ci from Australia and New Zealand


Drop it on its guts and you're right, she's a cruiser


The exhaust is a bit scraped from the road as it is a little low.

General Comments:

The Holden Kingswood is the most popular regular everyday driven vehicle.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2000

1st Dec 2000, 10:22

Leave it standard and enjoy.

7th Feb 2001, 22:01

I have to agree, leave it original.

8th Mar 2001, 08:47

After driving across Australia, the front CV joint in the tail shaft began to make the car shake, and found it to be worn out. I easily replaced the part and re-fitted it in Sydney (and I know nothing about cars). The exhaust also fell off, but that was because of rust after living at Fremantle. Again, easily fixed. Otherwise, incredibly reliable car.

29th Aug 2001, 02:09

I own a 1977 HZ wagon (low-rider), it's as low as it will go and I think it handles like a go-kart.


18th May 2006, 03:33

I own a Kingswood HZ, it's in good nick. Paint job's wearing a bit, but I've been trying keep it original, one day I'd love to drop it low cos I've seen em like that, and they look pimped.

At the moment 2nd gear keeps poppin into neutral - linkages are worn. Money well spent tho..