1994 Holden Rodeo DLX 2.8 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


This car is built like a brick s**thouse!


- Seats are worn.

- Needed 'regular' wheel alignments (every 15,000km).

General Comments:

This car is BULLETPROOF!! Nothing ever breaks on this car. I wrote the car off after t-boning a smaller car at 80 km/h. I walked away from the crash and owe my life to the ruggedness of the Rodeo!

The engine never breaks down. The only things I ever did to the engine was change the oil and filter every 10,000km, and general greasing/cleaning of other parts.

It can tow anything!! Once I towed 5T of wood on a tri axle trailer! I used the truck for getting firewood and commuting to/from work.

The seats are uncomfortable. The driver's seat started to disintegrate on the sides. If I still had the car, I was just about to replace the seat with an aftermarket seat.

The car is designed for midgets (no leg room). I am 6'4" and only JUST fit in the driver's seat. But I put up with it as the truck is AWESOME!!

The engine is loud. You know you are driving a real truck. There is no missing the unmistakeable tone of a diesel truck. I think the turbo could be a bit bigger, and I have have been told that enlarging the exhaust and fitting an intercooler from a Jackaroo 3.1D delivers a marked improvement in performance.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2013

26th Jul 2015, 09:13

"needs regular wheel alignments every 15000km"???

Huh? EVERY car should have a wheel alignment every 10000km... doesn't matter what brand or model... if you don't, you are just wasting money on wearing out tyres before they are due - wheels go out of alignment about 10000 km regardless of how good or careful a driver you are!!!

1994 Holden Rodeo Space cab 4x4 2.8 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


I will be keeping this vehicle until it dies


New clutch at 130,000kms, after it was fitted with an under bonnet intercooler from a Jakaroo.

Speedo cable burnt out on new exhaust system due to rerouting.

Replaced fuel gauge sender unit at 180,000kms.

General Comments:

This vehicle has been the most reliable 4wd I have ever owned after owning Landcruisers and Hilux's. I have found it to be more robust, spacious and a good performer.

I have made some modifications to enhance this performance, i.e. intercooler from a Jakaroo 3.1D fitted by myself, ARB rear Airlocker, Oldman Emu suspension at 180,000kms and new sports seats as the originals are very basic (uncomfortable).

I have put this vehicle though some extreme trials; 4wding, towing and 1.2ton logging winch on its back for a 400km trip over the Oxely Hwy N.S.W.

Changing the factory exhaust system to 2,1/2" from the turbo made the biggest single improvement on the torque combined with the intercooler and re-adjusting the fuel pump. The fuel economy is still excellent 10L-100km Hwy and 11km-100km city driving.

With the increased torque of the engine at lower revs there is no need to down change on big hills, it will pull 5th gear up any hill on main Hwy's in N.S.W. (100km/hr Moonby range New England Hwy).

Upgrading the front brakes will be my next improvement as the 4wd's have the same size discs as the 2wd's and 15"x31"x10.5" tyres need more stopping power on steep declines.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2005