7th Feb 2002, 11:37

We had several of these, some were sent to Sri Lanka for the Non-aligned summit in 1976 (I think). We also had a car which was bullet-proofed and sent to Zambia for Kissinger to use when negotiating Zimbabwe's hand back. Great cars with startling acceleration but no top end. Very comfortable and super-luxurious like an almost-Caddy. These cars were also made in South Africa as Chev Caprices. Notorious gas-guzzlers though.

3rd Jun 2002, 02:37

Hi there.

I purchased a 1979 HZ Statesman Deville, back in November last year, and it has been a very good car, apart from a couple of leaks from power steering, I have had no trouble with it so far. It is a factory misty blue colour with a white, vinyl roof. The vinyl roof has caused a bit of concern, of late, with little rust spots appearing here, and there. But I will treat it as soon as possible. As I don't have it garaged, due to lack of space, I hope no further major rust will appear. It has the original 308, 5 litre V8, and has 184,000 kilometres on the odometer. it is, practically, stock standard. It seems to be a little heavy on the fuel. But, overall, it's a very comfortable, reliable car. And for it's age, seems to be going very well.

3rd Nov 2006, 16:02

I bought my 1979 HZ Stateman in 1993 and have now had him for 15 years. I reconditioned the engine at 135,000 and the clock is now reading 198,000 (so 63,000 since recond). I had the vinyl roof replaced about 5 years ago and a repaint 2 years ago. The car is stock standard and about as original as they come. I love this car. (more faithful than any man!!)

The car does sprout some strange leaks every now and then, but they seem to go away or cause no hassle. The reason for the recond was because it was using a lot of water and overheated so I was told my head gasket had blown. So the top end was taken off, the gasket was fine! They popped in a new one and about 2 weeks later the car threw a piston. They neglected to tell me tightening up the top end can blow the bottom! They fixed it at there expense and I have had no problems with him since!

20th Apr 2008, 02:26

So have just purchased a 1979 DeVille special Chardonnay edition of which only 450 were built, I am told. This old car is extremely original, 1 owner, but needs a few parts, for example drivers door trim and centre console. Any suggestion here would be appreciated -- the car is amazing for its age.

9th Jul 2012, 23:41


I am trying to help my Mum get parts for her 1978 Holden Statesman Deville HZ. She has been looking around for ages. The parts she wants and has failed to find are the side mouldings front to back, both sides. If anyone knows a website to buy them off, I would be very happy, and would like to know. Thanks.