1976 Holden Torana LX 4.2L V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Holden at it's best


The car is an excellent car that was released by Holden. Never has any problems besides the usual battery, tyre and brakes, needing to be changed.

General Comments:

The Torana is a V8, but it has the fuel economy of my last V6 commodore. It is very quick and more comfortable than any new car on the road these days.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2003

6th Dec 2004, 06:36

A grate car had 1 for 5 years now, down fall really getting hard on parts ex: bonnet, standard blocks, and box's.

16th Apr 2005, 04:04

Fantastic car, Handles reasonably well & is very reliable when not mistreated. RTS models make driving a little more enjoyable. They seem to attract a bit of attention nowadays when restored to factory specs... I also own an A9X from 1977 but that's a different breed again!

1976 Holden Torana LX 2.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A simple, reliable, and easy to maintain car


Clutch rod has broken three times, but I have replaced it with a length of 3/16 inch threaded rod from local hardware store. Should last 'forever' now!

Lower ball joints needed replacing at about 300,000 km.

Door locks and linkages needed cleaning out after 400,000 km - full of dust and getting a bit hard to operate. A days easy work needed here.

High beam switch failed early on, but I fitted spot lights and set up an off/on switch on the arm rest in the middle of the car.

Starter motor switch failed last week. A simple press button installed until I get round to replacing the ignition switch - if at all.

Normal replacement of brake pads, radiator, water pump as needed over the years.

I also re-bored the motor and have had the head reconditioned on two occasions. The rings broke at 407,000km which I thought was quite good, but I was using Nulon (teflon) oil treatment for most of its life.

General Comments:

A simple, easy to maintain car for the backyard mechanic. This is the base model, so it is easy to take off the cylinder head for reconditioning, with no air-conditioning or power steering to remove first.

The paint work has held up well, still with a good gloss (Persian Sands colour) despite not being garaged for 25 years. I polish it about once a year.

A solid, long lasting vehicle.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2002

18th Mar 2003, 21:44

Have you tried fitting an electronic distributor from a later model Holden.

This may improve your fuel economy.

I have done this to my UC 2850cc 1978 model Torana.

Performance was noticeably improved on standard engine.

These distributors do fit earlier model engines.

13th Nov 2004, 02:45

I drive an old LX 173 Torana 3 speed. With no modifications, but well tuned, it gets around 11 litres/100km around town and 10 litres/100km on the highway at 100/110 k/h. If you are getting really bad fuel economy then look at the valves in the head (they don't like unleaded fuel), the distributor as it can seize inside giving you no advance and the carburettor, right fuel level/air-cleaner, is it clean.

20th Nov 2009, 00:06

Great car to drive lots of fun & a lot of power with a bombed 308 under the bonnet. My biggest regret was selling it. Would do anything to get another one. An easy car to work on.

1976 Holden Torana LX Hatch, SS 3.3 Litre 202 from Australia and New Zealand


A real head turner


Because it's an original 'SS', parts are hard to find.

Hard to keep in original condition.

The interior needs reconditioning.

General Comments:

It's bright orange, and is restored to original specifications.

It handles well and is able to beat most V8's off the line, due to the extensive work I've had done to the engine.

Turns a lot of heads with the bright orange paint work and 'SS' decals.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2001

3rd Jun 2003, 06:14

Very nice. Thinking of getting one myself if I can save up enough. No car will ever duplicate the groovy styling of a torana.

24th Feb 2004, 23:25

I am a very huge fan of Toranas myself, so I thought I would add a comment. I have a Torana LX Hatch, and I find it a lovely car to drive. The car has been modified a fair bit on the front end to fit a 426 engine in. Don't ask me how that works out, because my pop did the job. To all you holden lovers out there that have yet to feel the lovely handling of these magnificent cars, I suggest you get up and try it.

1st Apr 2004, 17:27

A 426 is nice, but I prefer the 525 in an SLR5000. it really does hook!

19th Feb 2005, 23:57

Hey the guy who was putting the 426 in, does that mean it's a Hemi?