1977 Holden Torana from Australia and New Zealand


A beast of car, that's also reliable - if you know how to drive it


Paint job has worn terribly and rusted all over - but this is expected for a car this old.

Huge bolt fell out (no warning signs) of the front of the car causing the wheel to become unfixed - luckily this happened close to home with no traffic around. This could have been extremely dangerous if I had been in the middle of traffic at the time.

Holds water when it rains like you would not believe. Water becomes trapped anywhere eg. Inside the doors.

Exhaust rusted right through and needed to be replaced.

Inside light will work on some occasions - but only if it rains (which can't be a good thing)

General Comments:

This car is very reliable if you know how to drive it. In cold, wet weather it's awful. It needs to be warmed up before driving, otherwise it will simply shut off when stopped (Eg. at lights), but will always start up again straight away.

The lack of a descent de-mister can prevent you from being able to see out the front windscreen - you definitely won't be able to see out the rear windscreen.

Interior is still immaculate and in original condition.

Surprisingly I have never had many problems with a car of this age. It was my first car, and I'm glad it's been so reliable. Once you learn to deal with the smaller issues (de-mister, no air conditioner, having to wait for it to warm up in cold weather, etc) it's really great to drive. It has never let me down.

It barely uses any oil or brake fluid. It's actually great on using petrol, and therefore its costs are always down. I've had it serviced regularly, and no problems have ever really arisen.

I love my Torana, I've learnt how to listen to it, and therefore know it inside out.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2007

1977 Holden Torana LX 186 from Australia and New Zealand


Tough kitten


Had a guy run into the back of it and damaged the rear quarter panel and the boot.

Bonnet won't release properly.

General Comments:

After three months of hassle free driving a bloke damaged the rear end and the car has gone downhill in terms of overall condition since. It continues to get me from A to B with as little hassle as possible and I am grateful it just keeps kicking over. Comfortable to drive with the bench seats and column shift auto.

Very grateful it has lasted this long after the accident.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2003