1997 Holden Utility VS S Pac 3.8L from Australia and New Zealand


A nice ute just waiting to be given more power!


My front windscreen needed replacing and reinforcing when I blew the seals out with my stereo. (Putting a 12-inch sub between the front seats probably isn't a good idea)

Rear differential needed a bit of a rebuild just after I got the car. (The other bloke probably did too many burn outs)

General Comments:

I've made quite a number of modifications to my ute such as:

- Pacemaker extractors and a 2.5inch exhaust.

- High flow air filter and cold air induction system

- Supercharger

- Lowered + VR Clubsport 17 inch mag wheels

- Full leather custom interior

- Hard rear cover and fully customised tray


Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 6th August, 2002