2010 Holden Utility SV6 3.6 SIDI from Australia and New Zealand




Nothing has really gone wrong with the car in the short amount of time that I have owned it. The only issue I have encountered is the substandard level of brake fluid in the car from factory. As it's marketed as a sports car of sorts, you would expect the brakes to hold up through some hills, but it didn't take long for the fluid to boil.

The only other issue I have is the stereo is pretty bad. Though all factory stereos are bad, this does an alright job.

I've not had to buy any parts yet, but I'm going to assume it's like my friend's Commodore, which is basically no cost. Having owned a WRX that went through 2 gearboxes in 8 months, I think this car will be much cheaper to run.

General Comments:

The car is lovely and smooth to drive anywhere. Very practical, being a ute.

Amazing fuel economy with the new 3.6 sidi. I average with half city half highway pretty much 10L/100km. I also am a bit of a lead foot. If you do predominately highway driving, it's not hard to average 7L/100km with AC on. I find that to be great fuel usage for a large (1680kg) car with a V6.

The tyres that come on the car from factory are AMAZING. Well they should be, considering they cost are $700 a corner. Bridgestone RE050A's are what they are. I'm not sure if I get them again. I feel like the Bridgestone adrenaline RE001's would be sufficient, and only cost are $300 a corner.

The gearbox is quite nice also. It has 3 modes, normal, sports and manual select (also known as active select). To go into sports mode, just push the selector to the left where the manual selection is, but don't select a gear. The sports mode works well, as it watches your throttle and braking patterns, and either holds gears or drops back a gear or 2 for engine braking. It's a well designed system.

Instrument cluster is really nice and can display lots of information. Also is quite customisable.

Very good, high quality interior all round.

Servicing looks like a breeze with everything being very accessible. The oil filter is a cartridge type, which is actually at the top of the engine, and simply pulls out with little mess.

All round, a fantastic car.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2010