2002 Holden Vectra Equipe 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Good to drive, terrible to repair


Both headlines failed within 4 weeks of each other, whilst the car was only a year old and still under warranty.

The tyres on the Vectra need replacing very often, according to the tyre centres I've visited. Every 20,000km the front tyres need replacing, they wear out much faster than the rears.

The routine 30,000km service at Holden was very expensive, $420.

After the warranty expired, half of the back-lights inside the dash on the right side (behind the speedometer and fuel gauge) stopped working. But they are still visible at night time so I didn't get this fixed.

At 60,000, there was a scheduled change of the timing belt, which is a very expensive part. Also brake pads needed replacing. That service cost over $1300.

At 90,000, the rocket cover gasket was damaged and needed replacing. Two more tyres needed to be changed. And a few days after the service, the car started vibrating aggressively. It turns out the head gasket was blown, which the mechanic says is very common on Astras and Vectras. Repairing this will cost $1300 or so.

General Comments:

All in all, its nice to drive around town. It has quite a bit of pull, a good stereo and good visibility. The interior is a bit dated, but it's quite a powerful car when accelerating from a stop.

The seats are decent, and the fabric and interior have held up well after 6 years. It has a very solid and refined feel to it, very good handling and ride.

The service issues, costs are really the biggest problem, and I wouldn't advise holding on to this car after the warranty expires.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2008

2002 Holden Vectra cd 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Great little car, but maintance too expensive


Steering problem 28000km toe in / out

Timimg belt replacement 58000 also management light came on, cam sensor and engine sensor at same time new water pump required not impressed.

General Comments:

This car handles well and performs great.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2006

24th Jan 2008, 17:50

I bought a 2002 Holden Vectra. I have only had it 3 months. In general runs well, but had trouble with the ignition and window regulator.

10th Apr 2008, 05:23

I own a Holden Vectra, owned it 6 months and I purchased it second hand through a car dealer. During this time I have only had trouble with the rear passengers window regulator snapping and a pin falling out of the ignition.

Overall a good car, but was wondering if the factory stereo has plugs in the back for an amp?

30th Aug 2011, 00:49

A thousand dollars for cam belt replacement is normal on most twin cam engined cars. Don't forget that included are the tensioner, idler bearings and water pump, as well as the crank and cam seals need to be replaced at the same time. If you don't, these will fail often within 50,000k of the replacement being done, causing the job to need redoing, and possible engine damage resulting.

2002 Holden Vectra Equipe 2.2L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable and efficient


Hand brake is tight, so makes a creaking noise when applied. Had this checked by dealer 4 times and they said this is a characteristic of the car, not to worry about it.

Replaced front 2 tyres after 30,000km. Replaced all 4 tyres after 60,000km.

Coolant is now leaking at 60,000km, I need to pour water in every day. Will have it serviced in 3 days and investigate the cause. I believe the timing belt needs to be changed with the 60,000km service.

General Comments:

The car is quite smooth and handles very well. The cabin is nothing special though, very dated.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2006

27th Feb 2006, 19:56

I wrote this comment, just wanted to add more detail.

I picked the car up from its 60,000km service today. It cost an absolute fortune in parts.

1) The front discs and brakes needed replacing pretty badly. The holden parts cost $400, but the mechanic suggested that European brakes are softer and don't last as long, and went for a cheaper alternative.

2) There was an issue with the car leaking radiator fluid and overheating, that was due to a crack in the hot-water pump. That part couldn't be fixed and a new genuine Holden one was $100.

3) Timing belt needed replacing.. also not cheap.

Stay away from Vectras, Astras and Barinas coz they are expensive to repair the major parts once you get some serious mileage on the car.

17th Jul 2015, 07:09

What do you call serious mileage? Thanks.

17th Jul 2015, 20:52

140K km-up.

2002 Holden Vectra Equipe Sedan 2.2 ltr petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A very good car all round except for some minor engineering faults


Top engine gasket (cover) leaked oil when car was new. Replaced under warranty.

Steering Shaft needed replacing at 31000 Km's. Replaced under warranty.

Emissions warning light turns on & off randomly. Yet to be checked out by Holden. (and car is now out of warranty).

General Comments:

Apart from the above issues, this car has been great value for money.

It handles like a European Sports car, gets great highway fuel economy and looks good as well.

It is a dream to drive, very comfortable and these models appear to have a good re-sale value.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2005

20th Oct 2006, 05:13

I actually wrote the above review. We got rid of the car today 18 October 2006. Not sorry either, the steering problem was coming back. (Clunking noises when the car goes around a corner). Also, the auto transmission was making some funny noises at low speed. This is all at 48200 Km's. Bye Bye Vectra.

Hello New Honda Civic...Yeah.