2006 Holden Vectra 3.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Beautiful to drive, but service it regularly


This car was great when I first bought it, but over time there seems to be a few problems coming up.

The cruise control is faulty; I've had it replaced a couple times under warranty; it still doesn't work.

There was a problem with the stereo not turning off; it was replaced under warranty, no problem since.

Just recently around 120000km, the car has had a few oil leaks.

At 120000km, a persistent ticking sound started coming from the rear of the engine. I've been to 2 mechanics, including a dealership who completely stripped the engine, and I'm yet to find the cause and resolve the problem.

To date, there's many more problems to be resolved.

One helpful hint is to keep up with the manufacturer's log book repairs.

General Comments:

Despite the recent problems, it is a beautiful car to drive. Just make sure you follow the log book servicing and regular major servicing, and you will be happy.

On a side note, mechanics dislike servicing this car; to fix anything on the engine they need to take apart the whole manifold to get to even the easiest of fixes like spark plugs.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2014

2006 Holden Vectra CDX 3.2 from Australia and New Zealand


I had an issue with cruise control, it kept turning off. Got the cruise control switch changed 4 times.

Now there is a chiming noise coming from the front passenger side. I have taken my car in to be checked about 10 times for this issue and they can't find what it is. Took the mechanic for a drive, but he didn't hear it long enough to know what it is. Now my warranty is expired and the noise is annoying me.

General Comments:

Drives well, comfortable.

Bit of a blind spot for the driver where the windscreen on the driver's side meets the driver's door.

Other than the chiming noise, it's an awesome car to drive.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2009