24th Feb 2003, 18:33


Have 1998 Vectra GL - 3-1/2 year old - keeps stalling has been back to dealer twice... advice given by various sources "Get Rid of the car it's a LEMON"

Now after a day in dock where the report says they set the DTC (not set previously) something is completely draining the battery - initially dealer tried to blame battery thank goodness for the NRMA, now claims the MULTI TIMER COMPUTER needs replacing - cost $700. What purpose does this module serve? How co-incidental is it that this has now occurred?

31st Jan 2005, 19:07

My Vectra CDi has a speedo problem also. Have had a few attempts from a reputable Auto Electrician, but still not working. I believe there are 2 speed sensors and its easy to change the wrong one. Does anyone have any ideas on this and the cost to fix? I hear its advisable to take it to the dealer as they have the expertise... Please help someone as this has now been faulty for 3 months.

26th Jan 2006, 00:29

My 99 Vectra has also lost its speedo. It comes and goes. When it dies the ABS and TC lights come on.

Took it to Holden dealer in Sydney who had it for 2 days and couldn't fix it. Their computer couldn't tell them what was wrong and they couldn't bother looking.

Seems they had no interest in doing the job properly.

Anyone know a good auto electrician in Sydney who knows something about European systems?

11th Jul 2006, 06:44

I have got same problem with my Holden victra GL, when I travelled in Queesland. I dropped in an auto electrician to have my speedometer changed (a second hand). I drove it for 800kilometers when I found that one was working, but 10000kilometers more than my previous one. Who has any good idea to turn it back to my previous mileage.

Thanks in advance. chris.co@126.com.

8th Jul 2007, 15:24

I love my 1998 Holden Vectra GL, despite the many issues I have had with it in the 2 1/2 years I've owned it. I've had a catalyic sensor pack up in it, an alternator die; I have lights out on my dash and a stalling problem too.

The scariest thing for me is, the cost to get these things repaired. So, as a single mum on a benefit, I won't fix it unless it's broke!

She's a great car when she's driving, and pretty to look at in the driveway.