18th Feb 2003, 09:32

You may need to get your Air-con recharged. I have a 2000 Vectra which is black, and on really hot days, the aircon does cope no problems. The only thing is the cooling fan goes faster than normal, so you may actually hear it going.

13th Nov 2003, 14:43

Hi, There! What a wonderful review! I'm glad to know that you are, very happy with your Vectra. I'm also, very happy with my 1999 Vectra CD Sedan, that I bought in march of last year and so far, the only problem that I had with the car, it was the fact, a stupid and jealous Toyota Corolla driver, hit my car on the back. Fortunately and thanks to the great quality of the German steel, my car almost does not, got too much damaged; meanwhile the Toyota became pretty damaged. Nobody was injured, only the so called "Toyota quality". Well, anyway I must say that the Vectra is the best car I have ever owned so far and I intend to stay with it, for one or two years more. I don't know which marque will be my next car, but certainly would be a Holden or an Opel-Holden.

14th Dec 2007, 07:48

Hey Man - nice review. I've recently purchased a 98 CD Vectra and I think it's awesome. It's not too bad to service etc. and runs well. I did have the idling problem, but took it to an actual holden/mitsubishi dealer and they fixed it no problems. I think the rattling you talk about just happens when the engine finds the resonant frequency of the boot lit - nothing to worry about - also, if you have a spoiler on it adds a little extra weight to the boot lid.

3rd Jul 2010, 05:49

Hi there, I just bought Vectra 2009 CD. Got 160,000 kms with its book service. It is an immaculate car with full options. It's a totally precise car and easy to control. Really so happy with that purchase, especially I got it for a good price.

No problems with the car, and it's mechanically very nice and smooth.


6th Jul 2010, 07:08

I purchased a 98 Vectra CD myself and have had a solid 12 months out of it, no worries :). The only problem I have had is overheating issues. Not to the point of steam but considerably higher fluctuations (if that's how you spell it :S) than anything I've driven before. I replaced the thermostat and radiator hose which gave it a temporary fix now it continues to rise. Any ideas?

1st Feb 2011, 13:12

I had the same exact problem with my 1996 Opel Vectra CD as the comment above mine.

After replacing the radiator hose I found the car was overheating because the coolant was mixing with the oil.

I would get your head gasket checked pronto.